We’re bike people. We’re inventors and advocates working away in a sweet workshop in Oakland, California, pushing the limits of bike culture.

Our mission is to get people in touch with their ability to make a real, lasting impact in the ongoing climate crisis, through Pedal Powered event activities and products that help Bike People shine in their communities.  We want lots more people to think “Pedaling is cool. My body is strong. I want to ride a bike and make a difference.” Our dream is to help spread the spirit of the bike into the broader culture by organizing, entertaining, inspiring, educating, and inventing new ways to get the message out there. And more importantly, we help our customers spread the message in their communities.

Check out this 6-minute video to learn about the Philosophy of Rock The Bike. This interview and performance footage of Rock The Bike’s founder Paul Freedman, a.k.a. Fossil Fool, was taken during the 2010 Barcelona Bicycle Music Festival. Many thanks to Jonathan Grevsen, the videographer and editor. Thanks also to the Pleasant Revolution, a bike-touring music group sponsored by Rock The Bike. The Pleasant Revolution toured Europe for 6 months in 2010 without vans or trucks. Fossil Fool joined for the Spanish leg of the tour, and contributed to the Barcelona Bicycle Music Festival. Also shown performing: Jared May, bass, Cello Joe, percussion, the Genie, guitar.

Local gigs? We bike it there! We do bike delivery to many of our Pedal Powered Stage and Fender Blender Pro rental customers including The Warriors, UC Berkeley, 350.org, and 350 Bay Area, Hult Business School. Biking there is how we want to show up for you, so challenge us!

Contact Details:

Email & Gchat: RockTheBike@gmail.com

Local and (International) Calls: (+01) 510.338.3326
9:30am – 5:30pm PST

Toll Free: 1.888.354.2453

Fax: 510.735.9838

Snail Mail/Shop Address:

Rock The Bike
6323 San Pablo Ave.
Oakland, CA 94608

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Want to get inspired? Follow our rad photoblogs on Flickr

We use Flickr to document the daily life in Rock The Bike-landia. This is often the most up to date feed of our story.

Rock The Bike

Rock The Bike Founder Paul Freedman, a.k.a. Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper, flickr handle: “Rock The Bike“. Took these shots and others:

Street scene.
Paul went out into the front row at Lincoln High School for this shot of a Youth Speaks slam poetry session, pedal powered by Rock The Bike.

Paul stopped by The Place for Sustainable Living on Bike To Work Day and offered up a Bike Blended Smoothie.

Paul’s at all the Rock The Bike events, which he faithfully documents as well as his own custom Soul Cycle creations, including his famous tall bike, El Arbol (the Bike Tree). His bike rapping alterego Fossil Fool is known for hosting bomb street parties.


Our product designer and engineer, customer service free agent, tubobooming Leif, a.k.a. leifcycle

love the mundo between your legs by leifcycle pull by leifcycle

Always capturing the shop builds. Check out this series of our intern Jeff bending the boom tube of a Fender Blender Pro.

See our best videos on YouTube

Rock The Bike

These are our polished videos. All of these went through an extensive editing process, so we pick and choose our projects. Enjoy! If you want to see them in their high-def glory, pick up a copy of our “Bike Culture Blowin Up” DVD, published in December 2008, free when you order a Down Low Glow, Fender Blender, Mundo, Xtracycle, Incredibell, you get the idea. Left: One of the highlight videos from the 2008 San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.

Fossil Fool

Fossil Fool caught this video of Pete Brandt The Bike Rapper and Rock The Bike’s senior bicycle customizer, Fossil Fool‘s YouTube videos are quick edits of fresh material from the life of Fossil Fool. Most don’t even have a title screen.




We acknowledge critical support and contributions from the following people:

Nick Bertoni — Nick started the Tinkers’ Workshop — our first home — a synergistic Berkeley community of inventors and organizations working toward social and environmental justice. He has coached us and others on manufacturing processes and inventing strategies, and provided us needed resources and tools to get us off the ground.

Nate Byerley — Nate invented the Fender Blender Bike Blenders we sell and helped get our workshop up and running. Now he is part of the team at Xtracycle.

Kipchoge Spencer — Gifted musician, Pedal Power ambassador, and connector of people, Kipchoge is always on the forefront of bike culture. He was one of the sparks who showed us we could give it a shot as entrepreneurs. Now he uses and innovates Pedal Power gear in his quest to bring new energy to the Climate Justice movement.