How to Assemble Your Fender Blender Pro

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Learn how to assemble your Fender Blender Pro with crewmember Maisha from the Rock The Bike events team.

For best results have your owner’s manual in addition to this video.

Packaging: 0:13

Crossbeam: 0:53

Rear Legs: 1:45

Pedals: 2:48

Wheel & Chain: 3:27

Seat Post: 5:11

Stem & Handlebars: 5:58

Blender Base: 7:03

Transportation: 7:50

Blending: 8:03

Anyone can do it! Get ready to blend by following our best tips.

Still having trouble? Contact us for more help. 888-354-2453

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Pedal Powered Stage Gear

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This is the gear we use at our own Pedal Powered Stage events, including the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.


A Pedal Powered Stage is a system that must include ALL of the following:

The following elements are optional:

  • staging
  • lighting

Creating a system yourself can be a great team-building experience but has a serious learning curve. Working with Rock The Bike will get you up and running much more quickly and with higher quality components. You’ll be able to put your focus on organizing events much sooner.

Let our experience work for you. We’ve been Pedal Powering music events since 2007.  This will translate to less frustration and more empowering moments when you use our gear at your events.

We would be happy to assist you in customizing a quote for your Pedal Powered Stage. Please note that the items in this category are often made to order. Please help us help you by giving us enough time to do our best work.

If you aren’t sure if you want to purchase or rent, you can check out purchasing prices with the “BUY” button below, or you can contact us for rental quotes HERE, or email

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Fender Blender Pro available for rental

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Fender Blender Pro available for rental

We rent our best bike blender, the Fender Blender Pro (High Performance), for $250 per event day anywhere in the continental US. Each bike comes with one commercial-grade, NSF-rated 48 oz blender pitcher, the same kind in use at smoothie shops. Extra pitchers can be rented for $20/each. We recommend extras so you can increase the throughput of the activity; please see our helpful guide on estimating how many bike blenders and pitchers you’ll need for your event.

You will receive the bike a day before your event, and return it the day after your event. If you’d like to receive your bike 2 days prior to your event — rather than the standard 1 day prior — a Practice Day can be added for an additional $100 / bike.

Our bikes are sure to leave an imprint on your event. In August 2017 one past rental customer emailed, “People have not stopped talking about how fun that bike was since we used it in March of 2015. I’d say you all made quite the impression!”

Multi-Day Discounts
Our tier system allows you to save money on an event that lasts 2+ days. Multi-Day Discounts only apply to the cost of rented gear. Discounts are not applicable for packing fees or shipping costs.

To calculate eligibility:

 Event Days Discount
2 – 3 10%
4 – 6 18%
7+ 25%

Custom Wheel Branding

We offer full vinyl custom wheel wraps for rentals, and they are quite eye catching. The fee for printing graphics, installation and post-event removal is $450 per bike. Artwork must be received in print ready format. For an additional $300 fee, Rock the Bike can assist with graphic layout, design and include a rendering proof.


For rentals in the Bay Area, the client is responsible for pickup and return of gear at our Oakland, CA location unless paying for delivery. There is no charge to pick up a day before your event and return the day after. When you pick up your bike we will give you a quick lesson on the bike and help you load your vehicle. For information on what kind of bike rack you’ll need, please see What kind of bike rack should I use?

We encourage you to try bike towing with your rental. It’s fun, safe, practical and great for the carbon footprint of your event. Any bicycle with a rear rack can tow the Fender Blender Pro. There is no extra rental charge for the trailer wheels and hitch.

Delivery is possible between 10am – 1pm for those in a 40mi radius from our Oakland location. Further locations will require a crewed smoothie booth, or offer shipping (see below). Delivery fees start at $150, and include a overview of the bike and tips for a successful event. For deliveries in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland, we are likely to get it there by bike as shown above, no trucks or loading docks needed! The bike easily fits through most doorways and elevators at your location. Delivery also possible in the greater Bay Area by vehicle. Delivery is a special service that requires coordination among our team and is harder to arrange last minute. Please give us as much advance notice as possible. Availability of delivery services is not guaranteed, but we have also not said no many times!

Out of Town Rentals: Ground Shipping

For out of town rentals, we package and ship the Fender Blenders to you, so they arrive the day before your event, then you ship them back the day after your event. The rental rate is $250 per event day + cost of shipping both ways (usually $150 – $300 per bike in the continental US) and a packaging fee of $85. If this cost is too great for your budget, we recommend purchasing a FB Universale, which starts at $249. Unfortunately, we do not rent the Fender Blender Universale.

Out of Town Rentals: Pallet Shipping
Ship your rental on a pallet anywhere in the Continental US and receive your Fender Blender Pro ready to blend, no assembly necessaryContact us today to get an estimate (please provide a destination address). Pallet packaging is $120 for 1 – 2 bike blenders, or $150 for 2 pallets 3+ bike blenders.

What comes with my rental?

Rock The Bike sends you the bikes and blenders you ordered, but we do not supply any cups or ingredients for making smoothies. Be prepared to acquire these items before your event! Check our sample shopping lists for guidance on what to get, whether you plan to hand out 100 smoothies in two hours or 500+ smoothies over two days.

Need ideas for bike blending?Check out our recipes here.

How many ingredients should you buy? Check out our helpful guide here. We also have a 100 Smoothies Shopping Lists, as well as a 500+ Smoothies Shopping List.

Rent-To-Own Program

If you fall in love with your Bike Blender, and we think you will, you may purchase it from us! You must let us know immediately (within 1 day of your event’s end date) that you intend to purchase the bike, and the full cost of your rental will go toward the purchase. The remainder must be received within 5 business days. Failure to pay within that time frame will result in late fees.

Example Rental Estimate for a one-day event in New York City

Item Cost
1 Bike Blender $250
1 Additional Pitcher (Total: 2) $20
Packaging Fee $85
FedEX Ground Round Trip Shipping to NYC $135
TOTAL $490

How does the rental process work?

Email us using the below form to see if we can accommodate your event. If so, we’ll get you a Rental Agreement and request payment in full. Bikes are rented on a first come, first served basis. We recommend contacting us as soon as possible to lock in your rental. Have a credit card handy, as we will need to have one on file to process your order.

    Do you want to brand the wheel? ($450/bike)


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    Draw people to your event with a Fender Blender

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    If you’re interacting with the public at events, whether it be a trade show, a performance, a marathon, or a science fair, the Fender Blender can help build excitement at your booth. Kids are magnetically drawn to the simple red frame, and they can pedal their own smoothies, or just turn the pedals for fun. Once people are gathered at your booth, what you do from there is your own choice. But having a natural, fun, guaranteed effective way to bring people in can’t hurt.

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    Brand your Fender Blender with your logos

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    Brand your Fender Blender with your logos


    Your Fender Blender can be tricked out with your custom logos and colors. The large wheel covers are easy to customize with your company’s logos or graphics. Please find out more in our FAQ section: What do you offer for customizing the frame color and printing our design on the wheel and frame of the Fender Blender Pro?

    Please call us at 1-888-354-BIKE to discuss options or get a quote.

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    Custom aluminum chain guard keeps your pants clean

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    Custom aluminum chain guard keeps your pants clean

    FBP Pedals 72dpi


    The sleek brushed aluminum chain guard comes standard on all Fender Blender Pros. It keeps pants clean and prevents the chain from ever slipping off the gears of the bike.

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