Fender Blender Universale

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Crank out smoothies at your party, school, or cafe with pedal power!
FBUniversale Blendtec upgrade


The FBU is the most affordable way to bring the magic of human power to your school, organization, event, camp, or home. Almost any bike will work. Pop it on a stationary stand, and start blending!

The advantage of the Fender Blender Universale (FBU) is its simplicity. After a secure installation of the included universal rear rack, you can take this bike blender on and off your bike in under a minute without tools. This means you won’t have to take a bike out of commission just because you want to use it for bike blending. You can use your favorite bike for everyday transport and then blend when you want to.


The FBU fits the mountain bike or city bike you already have. Dust off that old bike and bring it back into service by bike-powering treats for your guest, students, and fans. Click here to view the ideal bike for bike blending.

FBU Rack



The basic Fender Blender Universale set up includes a universal rear rack that will attach to nearly all:

>> Mountain bikes (26″-29″ wheel size)
>> Hybrid/Road bikes (27″/700c wheel size)
>> Young adult bikes (24″ wheels)
>> Children’s bikes (20″ wheels)

The included rear rack features vertical adjustability which allows for the range of compatible wheel sizes. This solves problem of your rack sitting at an angle because you happen to have a small or large bike frame. A sturdy rear rack like the one included with your FBU is a great help for other human powered feats, like buying blendables at your farmers market. Now you can carry more stuff around town and take all that stress off your back.

Above: Bike blending apples for Hot Apple Cider on the FBU Stationary Stand with High Performance Upgrade (Vitamix).

We also offer a 20″ Fender Blender Universale with a smaller rear rack and a Stationary Stand to reach 20″ wheels for kids approximately 4-8 years old.



Included in the box are fully illustrated instructions to get you setup and blending ASAP, or view and download the manual here.


Two stainless steel hooks hold the blender base in place and secure the blender to the rack. Unique clamping design allows for a range of blender positions that accommodate tire widths of up to 2.25 inches. Machined plastic parts are dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable and made of 85% recycled material.

Hand-drawn instructions show you how to get the best results. Call us for helpful customer service if you’re confused.


The Fender Blender Universale comes with a rear rack, blender base, and one pitcher–either the standard Oster-compatible pitcher, or a High Performance pitcher with upgrade.

If you’d like to blend in place, you will also need a stand to elevate the rear wheel. We now sell the Fender Blender Universale Stationary Kit, as well as the Fender Blender Universale Stationary Kit with High Performance Upgrade so you can buy it all in one click!

Commercial grade High Performance pitcher: 2x the volume and 2x bigger blades, giving better circulation of ingredients for faster, more consistent and gratifying blending.

This 6 minute video shows in depth the benefits of the High Performance Upgrade:

Click here to buy the Fender Blender Universale with High Performance Upgrade



FBU SpinArt

Every Fender Blender Universale has our new custom Pedal Power Bearing (PPB), with a groove for side chain activities like Pedal Powered Spin Art. You can start making a splash at events with Bike Blending, then later expand your offering with Spin Art. Or consider the Fender Blender Universale and Spin Art Kit, which includes both activities and a stationary stand.

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Electric Fender Blender Pro

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Electric FBPro

Our quietest, simplest, most powerful and compact human power generator.

bicycle power

It’s the most effective Pedal Power generator we know of. It has all the features of the Generator Pro, plus you can blend smoothies. We use it as one of the key pieces of gear in our Pedal Powered Stage at events such as the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.


The Electric FB Pro combines a Fender Blender Pro with a brushless Generator wheel . The generator wheel offers a flywheel effect that helps smooth out the peaks and valleys of Pedal Power, making Pedal Power feel fun and comfortable. And because there’s nothing rubbing on the tire, there’s no loss of power to friction. The conversion of mechanical energy (i.e. muscle power / burrito power) to electrical potential happens in the center of the wheel. With a committed pedaler, even one of these bikes is capable of powering a music system at very impressive listening levels. One person pedaling can get 50-100 people dancing to high energy DJ music when the Electric FB Pro is paired with efficient loudspeakers.

bike machine

The Electric Fender Blender Pro generates DC power. Many devices you’ll want to use require AC Power. Please see the video below to learn how this generator works in tandem with our Pedal Power Utility Box:

If you’re wondering about whether you can use Pedal Power for a particular device or appliance, start by checking the wattage rating on the label near its cord or in the product manual. A single pedaler on the Electric Fender Blender Pro is capable of producing up to 600 watts of DC power at peak moments. This wattage, of course, is dependent upon how strong your pedaler is! Most adults can produce 50-75 watts when pedaling at a social / around town / cruising pace. The Electric Fender Blender Pro can be use with other generators as part of a team effort. Our Pedal Power Utility Box accepts power from 5-10 bikes.

The Fender Blender Pro frame fits a wide variety of riders, down to a 7 year old kid.

It’s a great Bike Blender, the best in fact. You can use it in either Bike Blending or electricity generating mode. You switch between these modes by rotating the blender’s roller away from the tire. This happens without tools.


The Electric Fender Blender Pro is not a functioning transportation bicycle, but can be easily towed behind another bike with the above trailer wheels.

Available in Green, Orange, Blue, Red or in your custom color. Please read more about custom frame colors and branding options.

We also offer the High Performance upgrade on the Electric FB Pro for 2x the volume and 2x the blade size.

Price: $2,125
Rentable: Yes, with Pedal Power Stage

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