Pedal Powered Stage Lighting: LED Panels

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Illuminate their imaginations.

What is a concert without stage lighting? With our new LED panels you can run lights directly off Pedal Power with no circuitry. Allow your audience to control the feel of the show by controlling the lights. The harder they pedal, the brighter the lights will be. Get kids excited to see their power work!

Our 12volt LED panels are made of over 1,000 LEDs. They can also be wired together to make 24volt lights! The panels are flat, which makes for a wide viewing angle of light, as well as being easy to store. They are mounted on a polycarbonate sheet, and covered with a bar-top finish to protect from damage. These lights are designed to easily carry on your bike for the ultimate Pedal Powered event.

These lights work well with hub generator rigs, like the Electric Fender Blender Pro and Mundo 500. You can also hook them up into a drop-in generator, which is compatible with all our Fender Blender models. They run off a battery, and can also be a great way to drain your pedal power system after an event. Or, use them while you’re packing up to keep some light on the gear!

Cost: $450/panel

Colors: Red, Blue or Green (Red & Blue make a great combo!)

Weight: 2-3 lbs

Made to order, 2 week turn around on orders.
Have an event deadline? Please tell us when placing your order!

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Spinning Wheels Power Tunes

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This article features our 2 Modified JBL PRX speakers, 3 Mundo 500‘s, a pedal power Utility Box and the Biker Bar. Shaun O’Dell published this article in the Register-Guard on May 6, 2010.

Look for a bunch of music lovers on Saturday who plan to pedal — not peddle — on behalf of live musical acts.

Thanks to $10,000 in tourism grants, the University of Oregon Bike Program has been able to purchase equipment for this year’s Bike Music Fest that will help support live music acts by pedal power. The Bike Music Fest, which is incorporated into the Willamette Valley Music Fest, happens Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The larger music festival will continue until midnight.

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Two Reflective Cam Straps

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Cam straps stacked

Bungies have their place, but for serious cargo hauling cams straps are indispensable – we use these regularly to deliver 70+ lb  boxes to our shipping carrier.

The harder you pull, the harder the steel buckle bites into the strap. You can tension it as little or as much as you want, giving you the peace of mind that  your load isn’t going to shift unpredicatably. It holds tension with amazing strength. Check out the “don’t try this in your home forest” moment below!

Cam straps are awesome problem solvers.

When using a cam strap, try to find the Shortest Path around the object you’re securing. A diagonal path may shift or spin your load or loosen along the way. See below.

Cam straps are great for gusto. Note one in action below as crew member Pastana ropes a stray goat at our 2010 Earth Day concert at USF.

In order to use these straps most effectively, you need to keep them coiled neatly, ready for use, not jumbled up in your bag!

See how to coil a cam strap in this video:

Silver heavy duty nylon strapping with a reflective badge for night time visibility and steel cam buckle made to last. Available in 1 meter for small loads or 3 meters for big stuff.


in stock



In The Box:
  • Two Cam Straps


Price: $13.00
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Lunar Lander Kickstand

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Completely immobilize your Mundo, turning it into a workstation, display, or pedal power station.

No other kickstand we’ve tried comes close to the amazing stiffness, width and simplicity of the Lunar Lander. It’s danceably strong. The Lunar Lander is made of 2″ steel tubing, making it as strong and stiff as the Mundo itself. It weighs about 10 pounds for the pair, and can be easily strapped to your rig or rolled into a “long things bundle” with a shipping blanket.

Only a Mundo frame could handle the extreme rear positioning of this kickstand. The stiffness of the Mundo’s frame means you get no apreciable flex, front to rear, or left to right, while pedaling on the bike in stationary mode. That makes the Lunar Lander perfect for human power applications like generating power for our Pedal Powered Stage.

Above: Wilson, a 220-pound man, pedal powers Rock The Bike’s Halloween street party at Fair Oaks, on the Mundo 1000, which weighs 85 pounds unloaded. But it’s also carrying a 70 pound speaker and a go go dancer. That’s how strong and stable the Lunar Lander is. That’s danceably strong.

Please note: This is not a true kickstand, because it is not foot deployable. You have to use your hands to guide the notch into the triangular nook in the Mundo’s rack. It is somewhat awkward to do this without an assistant, though with practice you can get it down to about 30 seconds if the Mundo is not loaded.

You can also use the Mundo as a work station. Above, the Lunar Lander turns the Mundo into a sawhorse.

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