Lunar Lander Kickstand

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Completely immobilize your Mundo, turning it into a workstation, display, or pedal power station.

No other kickstand we’ve tried comes close to the amazing stiffness, width and simplicity of the Lunar Lander. It’s danceably strong. The Lunar Lander is made of 2″ steel tubing, making it as strong and stiff as the Mundo itself. It weighs about 10 pounds for the pair, and can be easily strapped to your rig or rolled into a “long things bundle” with a shipping blanket.

Only a Mundo frame could handle the extreme rear positioning of this kickstand. The stiffness of the Mundo’s frame means you get no apreciable flex, front to rear, or left to right, while pedaling on the bike in stationary mode. That makes the Lunar Lander perfect for human power applications like generating power for our Pedal Powered Stage.

Above: Wilson, a 220-pound man, pedal powers Rock The Bike’s Halloween street party at Fair Oaks, on the Mundo 1000, which weighs 85 pounds unloaded. But it’s also carrying a 70 pound speaker and a go go dancer. That’s how strong and stable the Lunar Lander is. That’s danceably strong.

Please note: This is not a true kickstand, because it is not foot deployable. You have to use your hands to guide the notch into the triangular nook in the Mundo’s rack. It is somewhat awkward to do this without an assistant, though with practice you can get it down to about 30 seconds if the Mundo is not loaded.

You can also use the Mundo as a work station. Above, the Lunar Lander turns the Mundo into a sawhorse.

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