Do I need multiple people pedaling to charge a device?

Q: Do I need multiple people pedaling to charge a device?

A: No! One person can easily generate the power to charge up to 8 USB devices using our Pedal Powered Recharge Station. Great for conventions, meetings, music festivals, and all-day events where people need power for their mobile devices but might not have easy access to electrical outlets.

The best way to activate the Recharge Station is by placing it prominently where people are gathered. The bright glow of the green LED and the activity of the pedaler attract participants to share the desk socially, charging their devices and taking turns pedaling.
Rock The Bike’s Recharge Station is based on a Generator Pro or Electric Fender Blender Pro, which can accommodate a wide range of riders: men, women, and most kids.

When pedaled the Recharge Station enclosure glows green for clean energy! The glow is visible from across the room, or in daylight, generating curiosity and interest at your events. The top of the desk has an illuminated gauge which changes from red to blue as the circuit fills up with power providing feedback to the pedalers.
Don’t limit your possibilities to cell phones. Power an iPad or other USB devices and let the pedaler choose videos and web content to share with a small group.
Technical specs
A pedaler generates:
60 watts for an effort equivalent to casual biking on flat road.
100 to 160 watts for an athletic cyclist.
300+ watts for an athletic pedaler during vigorous sprints under 30 seconds.

Excess generated power is stored in the Recharge Station circuit to continue charging devices and light the green LED. A typical pedaler will fill it up in about 3-5 minutes of pedaling. A full station will continue charging devices until empty, usually for another 8-12 minutes depending on devices attached.
Each NORMAL USB device (like a phone or tablet) consumes 5-8 watts. That is a limitation of the USB standard.
We offer a CUSTOM OPTION to install QuickCharge USB ports compatible with newer devices that support rapid charging at up to 18 watts. Many newer tablets and phones support QC3. Check your device to see if it’s compatible.
Charging a device takes the same time as it would ordinarily take, whether at normal or rapid speed, due to the limitation of USB. Adding Quick Charge allows a pedaler to get a 20% to 30% charge in 10 – 15 minutes, which requires only 5 – 7 minutes.