Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Rock The Bike

Q: So where is Rock the Bike located anyways?

A: You can find the RTBHQ in sunny Oakland, California! We moved into our sweet digs from the famed B-CAT on Channing Street in Berkeley, California. The move to Oakland really let us stretch out our legs and serve more clients than before. So, really, we did it for you, our dear customers!

Questions about Rock The Bike Products

Q: So really, how long will take me to get my shiny new “Insert Product Name Here”????

A: Well… that depends. At RTB many of our products are made to order, meaning “you buy it, we make it.” That being said, we don’t make things before we receive payment for them. This helps us conserve resources (a central Rock the Bike raison d’etre!) and keep costs down for everyone.

Q: Okay, great. So how long will it take?

A: It all depends on the product. FBU’s are usually the quickest out the door and depending on how close you are located to our warehouse, it could be as quick as 2 days or 6 days if you live in the far reaches of New England. Fender Blender Pro’s take about 2 weeks, longer if you request a custom frame color and branding application-this is really all about you though, the quicker we receive approved artwork, color confirmation AND payment in full, the sooner you get your Fender Blender Pro!

Questions about the sLEDgehammer

Q: What is a sLEDgehammer and will it hurt me?

A: Our sLEDgehammer is a safe and fun activity for your large convention, event, school assembly.

Questions about the Downlow Glow

Q: When will I be able to purchase a Downlow Glow again?

A: The “DLG” (as we lovingly refer to it on the warehouse floor) is currently back up on the drawing board. Check back in a month or so to see if we have any new developments!

Questions about renting Bike Blenders for events.

Q: I’m located far from you, can still I rent a Fender Blender Pro for our event?

A: Most definitely. Rock the Bike is equipped to ship our rental bikes globally! Delivery times vary based on your location, of course.

Q: Can I hire a Rock The Bike crew of coaches to come and work my event?

A: We have trained Rock The Bike coaches throughout the United States, to help you with this. Having a trained RTB crew member at your event is an excellent way to increase the professional presence at your event and heighten the experience of your event participants.

Q: How much will it cost to rent some blender bikes for my event?

A: Rental costs are variable. It all depends on how many bikes you want at your event, what kinds of pedal powered activities you request, if you want your bikes to be painted a special color with your logo and how fast you need them. Other factors that play a role in determining that cost are: if you hire RTB crew coaches and if you need us to manage event supplies (related to your pedal powered activities only)! There’s always more to discuss too, so if you have a complicated event, send us an email or call us at 1-888-354-2453.

Q: These things are neat. Do I need to plug it in?

A: No! The beauty of Rock The Bike bike blender products is that they are as off the grid as possible, meaning you don’t have to pay the energy company to enjoy delicious, healthy smoothies. You power the blender with each pedal stroke.

Q: So, how long do I need to pedal to make a smoothie?

A: As long as you want… okay, not really. We say that blending a smoothie will take between 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the size of your blender, the strength of your rider and the composition of the smoothie. Strong riders blending a berry smoothie using our High Performance blenders will probably finish quicker than a weaker rider blending a smoothie with lots of fibrous material and hard solids in a standard blender.

Questions about Fender Blender Universale

Q: Hi, I am interested in buying a Fender Blender Universale, however I’m wondering if they only work on rear racks? Ideally, I’d like to have it in front so I could see the blending process going on! Is this possible?

A: While it is possible to install a Fender Blender Universale on the front of a bicycle it won’t come easy. Your bikes should be designed to have a rack installed on the front. You can then install the rack that comes with the FBU onto the front, though it might take some modification to get it to fit properly. Also, bikes are designed to power off the rear wheel (see how the chain attaches to the wheel), so you would also need to completely reconfigure your bike to power off the front wheel. If you’re willing to take on these challenges, then yes, it would work! We don’t provide any technical support for this but if you happen to make it work, feel free to send us your photos!

If the stationary bike doesn’t have braze-ons it may be difficult to install. Not impossible, but will require a creative work-around solution.

Q: Hi! I would like to convert an old Schwinn exercise bike into a bike blender.  I was thinking about your Vitamix set up and wanted to know what I would be need to get your bike blender working on my exercise bike. I imagine a little welding will have to happen. is that something you do?

A: The Schwinn exercise bike seems like a good choice, especially for front blending, but may require a few more modifications then usual. You might be able to switch to a more standard wheel if the rubber on the fly wheel does not work. Drilling attachment points in the frame or loop-clamp brackets from the hardware store may be solutions before getting into welding. We have not modified a Schwinn exercise bike for blending before, but we’re familiar with the frame type. We would like to get you blending and can offer some advice, but have some limitations on in-depth consultations for custom projects, and would need to charge for shop time if you want us to do the work here at our shop in Oakland. Email us at

Questions about Fender Blender Mundo

Q: I have a Yuba Mundo! I love it! How can I turn it into a bike blender?

A: Funny you should ask. We recently launched our Fender Blender Mundo! The FBM attaches to the top of the  rear cargo deck of your Yuba Mundo to blend. You will also need a super sturdy kickstand to raise the rear tail of the bike off the ground–similar to the way our Fender Blender Universales work with the Stationary Stand.  The FBM comes with our High Performance Blendtec pitcher but you can also purchase the Vitamix upgrade if you want to increase your blending power!

Q: Does the FB Mundo come with a Yuba Mundo bike?

A: Unfortunately not! The Fender Blender Mundo, similar to the FBU, is the blender, the blender base and that’s it! If you are interested in purchasing a Yuba Mundo cargo bike, we sell the Yuba Mundo 500 on special order. You can purchase one through us however this product will take longer to get to your door.

Questions about Fender Blender Xtracycle

Q: Is this the same thing that you had going on back in 2006?

A: Way back in in the middle aughts, the inventor of the Original Fender Blender, Nate Byerly, strapped a blender to an Xtracycle cargo deck, via a spinning mechanism, powered by the rear wheel of the bike, and began making bike blended smoothies for thirsty crowds.  Flash forward to today and the Fender Blender Universale is redesigned to work with almost any bike and the Fender Blender Pro is the flagship product at Rock The Bike. So, in a sense, yes. This is the same thing, but also, it is so much more.

Questions about the Icycleta Ice Cream Bike Attachment

Q: What’s an Icycleta?

A: Pronounced “EE-SEE-CLE-TUH”. Icycleta rhymes with the Spanish word, “bicicleta,” which translates into bicycle. Our portmanteau is a playful way to display our love of bicycles, ice cream and the Spanish language. Our Ice Cream Bike attachment, which is used as an attachment to the Fender Blender Pro, turns your super stable bike blender into a ice cream churning machine!

Q: What do I get when I order an IICBA?

A: So much! You get the actual attachment that you need to churn the ice cream, a slip proof, V-belt that attaches the churning device to the spinning wheel of the bike and one Immergood brand Ice Cream churning canister (with clear lid to see the churning ice cream being made)!

Q: I have an old Fender Blender Pro, will the Icycleta work on my bike?

A: YES! Kinda. You’ll need a new wheel but we can help you with that. The new wheel will set you back $170.00, so give us a call.

Questions about the Ice Cream Bike

Q: Can I churn ice cream and do pother activities at the same time?

A: Unfortunately, no. The Ice Cream Bike will only ever be able to churn ice cream. That’s why we created the Icycleta!

Questions about the Pedal-Powered Electricity

Q: We are looking to get up to three custom bikes for a fundraiser next year. We are thinking of wooden framed bikes that will generate power for a sprinkler system, play music, or one of your other ideas like the ice cream bike or spin art. I really like the aspect that shows how much energy your providing.

A: Most of our items will allow you to use your own bike frame. The FBU + Spin Art Kit can attach to your bike to make Spin Art, or you can use a Generator Wheel Kit or Roll Up Generator Stand to produce electricity to play music or sprinklers (although we don’t suggest water near electronics).  You might need a Utility Box to utilize the power you generate. You can read more about this here: This might also be helpful for you: The only available Energy Display I know of at this moment is the What Watt display.

A package soundsystem is the One Bike One Speaker: a concert grade speaker that plugs directly into the included Generator Pro. It provides music for around 200 people. You could get one or two of these packages depending on your audience size and budget.

$3000 each

The 1B1S package can be supplemented with additional generators. Especially useful if you have children in the mix, who are not a s strong as adults, or if you want to turn it up for a larger audience size. You could have 2 bikes powering 1 speaker, or 3+ bikes powering 2 speakers.

Additional Generator Pro: $1850

A lower cost option is to substitute Roll-Ups for some, or all, of the Generators Pros. The Roll Up is a generator on a stationary stand that works with bikes you provide.  $475 each, which is $1375 less than the Generator Pro.

Q: Can I use a pedal powered generator to send energy to a water display?

A: While the electronics are enclosed, there is always a possibility of water damage to the electronic components. I doubt anyone would get shocked, but water is conductive, so there is always a possibility when mixing electricity and water.