How do I make a thick and tasty smoothie with my Fender Blender?

NOTE: The directions below are good to follow for the proportions, but not the order. Do not start with ice! The blade needs to get moving and a piece of ice can jam it. Start with something soft like chunks of banana! We’ll be updating this page with up to date photos.

First, fill up the pitcher about halfway with ice.

Pour juice to the top of the ice. We recommend a juice like apple, grape or a citrus.

Add a healthy layer of fresh or frozen fruit.

How about a few walnuts for thickness and protein?

Add something creamy -- soy milk, almond milk, or better yet yogurt.
And if you haven't put any citrus in already, finish it off with something tangy,
like a healthy squeeze of lime.

Ready to blend.

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For non-smoothie ideas, watch this video: