Incredibell Pedestrian Alert System


The Incredibell is a solid brass bell that mounts cleanly to your handlebars. It’s got a double action, meaning that you press it once, you hear two bell strikes. And these aren’t wimpy ceramic dinner bell tinkles, either. This is solid brass, people! The sound really carries and has a beautiful tone to it. Everyone who hears this bell loves the sound of it. The double action is also handy for adding percussion to the music on a cruiser ride. More on that later.

During the 90’s having a bell was one of those things we were taught to look down on for no good reason. The dominance of ‘performance’ emphasis in the bike industry turned useful accessories like bells and kickstands into ‘excess weight’.

The bell is back. The Incredibell is small. It weighs just about nothing. Only a truly heartless bastard would steal it. It’s about the most cheerful thing on your bike. It is simply the coolest, most dignified way there is to say “I’m coming. Please be careful.” If you don’t have one, you’ll just end up grumbling unrecognizable noises or clicking your brake levers at some grandma or a cute female. These behaviors contribute to the perception that bicyclists are ‘wierd,’ ‘geeky,’ and self-centered. By contrast, ringing a bell evokes all the charm of the bike aura and spreads the love, big time. So get yourself a bell!

I used to have a girlfriend, who, every time she came over, she’d ring her bike bell outside my apartment to let me know she was home. All the way up in the attic I’d hear the mellifluous tones and run down to greet her. That bell, ladies and gentlemen, was an Incredibell.

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