Kickstands Available for the Mundo Cargo Bike

We’ve selected two kickstands that are compatible with the Mundo Cargo Bike. Pictured above is the BiPod, a center stand. It performs well for top loading.

Hebie Single Adjustable Kickstand

Hebie Single Adjustable Kickstand

Also available is the Hebie Adjustable Kickstand, pictured above. This one-sided kickstand has a screw-on foot that can be set to any length, allowing you to get the balance you desire.

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  • Lunar Lander Kickstand, V1

    Simple but effective. Not foot deployable. Price: $95.00

  • Bipod Center Stand

    Status: in stock Rentable: no In The Box: – One BiPod Kickstand – Mounting Bolt for attachment to Mundo kickstand plate Price: $44.00

  • Hebie Single Adjustable Kickstand

    One-side kickstand. Our lightest and most affordable. Status: in stock Rentable: no In The Box: – One Hebie Adjustable length Kickstand – Mounting hardware Price: $24.00

  • StandAlone Kickstand

    One of the widest center stands ever made for bicycles. The StandAlone has a 19″ wide stance on it’s tapered CroMoly legs when deploy and fits securely under the side loader rails when riding. Compatible with V3 and V4 Mundo models. Can be welded to V2 and V1 models. Status: in stock Rentable: no In [...]