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  • The Ginger Ninjas

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    In 2007, the Ginger Ninjas became the first band in the history of rock and roll to tour by bicycle, unsupported by automobile. On a 5000 mile odyssey from their home in Northern California to the pyramids of southern Mexico, they promoted transportation cycling while also exploring the frontiers of pedal-generated electricity, using their own […]

  • Cello Joe

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    Joey Chang aka CelloJoe is the world’s only beatboxing, long distance bicycling, looping cellist.  He is the wildest beatboxing cellist in the west. By combining cello with beatboxing, he has created a unique genre: Classical Hip Hop.

    CelloJoe records live on stage with a loop pedal and produces intricate tapestries of harmony, melody, and rhythm. His beatboxing (vocal percussion) and funky cello grooves form a rich soundscape for intelligent lyrics and his music spreads love, joy, laughter and conscious vibrations.
  • Justin Ancheta

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    Hailing from San Francisco, California, Justin Ancheta’s ’eclectic style of reggae flavored indie-rock, funk and jazz has created a buzz throughout Northern California. With a sound that appeals to fans of all ages, he has opened for the Wailer’s, Taj Mahal, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Charles Neville, Ricky Skaggs and many more. He has joined the stage with Joan Baez, Q-tip from Tribe Called Quest, and is a large influence in the direction of pedal powered production through his company Soul Graffiti Studios, that does events work for Rock The Bike and many other Bay Area companies, festivals, and private events.

  • Fossil Fool, the Bike Rapper

    rapping-rolling[1]Listen Now:

    Fossil Fool is a San Francisco-based street performer who uses his custom-made Soul Cycle party bikes as amplification and transportation.




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    Bicycle-music-touring since 2005, folk band SHAKE YOUR PEACE! continues to define and embody the values of the sustainable music community. With the rallying call of: “harmony onstage and harmony offstage,” SHAKE YOUR PEACE! plays everywhere from green meadows to green festivals, red rock outcroppings to San Francisco music halls, and has gone on 4 bicycle-based […]

  • Heather Normandale – of Stitchcraft

    sc-color[1]Listen Now:

    Heather Normandale, leader of Stichcraft, has had the honor of being involved in San Francisco’s sustainable music movement, contributing to and performing in the Bicycle Music Festival, which travels from park to park on pedal powered PAs and all human power. Heather just got back from a 7 month Music Bike Tour throughout Europe […]

  • LoCura

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    LoCura experiments with fusing Flamenco dancing and Salsa rhythms, Funk and Hip-Hop with Ude and Cello, and West Coast Reggae beats crafted from unexpected percussion instruments. Lyrics in Spanish and English, LoCura brings to the stage a vibrant collage of sound and movement, with a message of bridging cultures and transcending borders. Their debut album […]

  • Oona

    OONA-hot-female-singer-new-music-band-04-640x424[1]Listen Now:

    Oona is one of Rock The Bike’s premiere dance pop bands, a perfect match for pedal power to the next level of excitement. The Examiner in San Francisco put it this way… “Oona Garthwaite is a force to be reckoned with. Her talent level is through the roof, on a level reserved for those musicians […]

  • MaMuse

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    The Muse fell from the sky one night and landed in the spaces between our heart beats. She instantly took a liking to the rhythm in our chests, and her sweet melody joined the pulse. One of us picked up father bass, and thumped it’s belly in response. The other picked up father mandolin, and […]