Are there sponsorships and grants available for my Nonprofit?

Bike Blending in action at Longfellow Elementary’s Spring Carnival

Our Nonprofit Discount Program grants awards of 10% off your purchase and 15-20% off the rental of Rock the Bike gear to a limited number of nonprofit or educational applicants per quarter and has a simple application process.


– Proof of nonprofit status (501c3)
– Paragraph of who your nonprofit is, what your group does, and how you intend to use the bike (if an event, provide us with information about your event)
– Blog post on your organization’s website about the bike blender, with a link to or the Fender Blender ( or

– Discount applies to original Rock the Bike gear, not re-sold items like the Mundos or Xtracycles
– Discount does not apply to shipping
– Discount does not apply to custom work
– Discounts for Pedal Power Stage Gear is given on a case-by-case basis

Steps to receive a refund award from Rock The Bike:

1. Add your Pedal Powered bike blender, accessories, or Spin Art to the cart in our online store.

2. When checking out use the code ‘nonprofitdiscount’ to take 10% off your order. Don’t see it? Try:

3. In the notes field, or in a separate email, provide some information about your nonprofit or k-12 school. Your project’s goals and how you intend to incorporate the pedal power item into your program.

4. Email or fax (1-510-735-9838) us proof of your educational or non profit status.

If you do not provide any information about your group and we believe you are abusing our nonprofit discount we will refund your order in full.

Past Success: 

Click here to read a great write-up about the Fender Blender and Spin Attachment.

Spring Carnival Longfellow Elementary School

The Fender Blender Universale was a hit at Longfellow’s Carnival. The booth was busy, there was always a line, kids back for seconds and thirds. They enjoyed picking their own ingredients and mixing their smoothie on a bike using their own legs!

The day before the Carnival, my students were involved by prepping the fresh organic strawberries and bananas. Other favorite frozen ingredients were pineapple, blueberries, mangoes, and raspberries…all organic. My class parents helped run the booth. Room 202 community provided school community by offering a healthy drink while getting exercise. It was wonderful to see the kids and adults working out for their delicious drink.

During and after the Carnival, there were so many compliments on the Fender Blender. Two classrooms used the Fender Blender as part of their End of the Year Celebrations. I had parents asking me where did Longfellow get the Blender and wanted one for themselves. A teacher mentioned that she would like to use it for fundraising for a field trip. The PTA is planning to make coffee and mocha shakes for their night time meetings. The Fender Blender was a wonderful addition to our school carnival.

– Helen, Longfellow Elementary School, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Jewish Federation Biennial Celebration

Hazon debuted our Rock The Bike Fender Blender Universale at the San Francisco Jewish Federation Biennial Celebration with attendence in the thousands: Jewish community professionals, lay-leaders, families & teens.

The bike was such a success that Hazon was highlighted in a J-weekly article:….

We’ve used the FBU at the annual Jewish Environmental Bike Ride, May 6-9th, 2011, and served organic smoothies at the Urban Adamah farm celebration in Berkeley on June 19th.

We’re surprised to see that people are interested in the bike powered blender beyond the ability to pedal – children and adults are mesmerized by the actual mechanics of the Fender Blender.

Hazon has found that a pedal-powered blender helps us to engage with the community meaningfully. It’s a perfect tool for engagement that incorporates two areas of work: alternative transportation and sustainable food systems.

– Whitney, Bay Area Programming Fellow of Hazon, San Francisco, CA.

Other Resources for Nonprofits: In addition to the sponsorships, grants from other organizations and individuals have been successfully pursued to get a Fender Blender for a non-profit or school use. The PG&E Bright Ideas program has been one such donor.

Alternately, you may be able to get a loan to cover the purchase and have it pay itself back – a fantastic use of the product is to sell smoothies. In our experience, it is possible for the Fender Blender to pay for itself by the end of one day!

For example, the 4th annual Bicycle Music Festival, a Nonprofit organization, received food donations from Trader Joe’s for blending supplies and at the end of a 5 hour day with intermittent blending sessions, earned over $350 from smoothie sales.  This is enough to purchase a Fender Blender Universale, and an extra pitcher, with some funds left over for cups!  This approach has worked for several grass-roots organizations.

Other Resources for Schools: Fuel up to Play 60 offers funding opportunities to improve the healthy eating and physical activity options in your school. Go here to apply: