Pedal Powered Block Party with Andrew Thierry

What’s up bike people, We’re excited to share one of the best dancing and musical moments from the pedal powered stage since the 2012 highlight performance of Rupa and the April Fishes at the Bicycle Music Festival. Check out the video! Filmed at Montclair Village.

Music lovers dance in the street to the authentic zydeco sounds of Andre Thierry, a Bay Area trio. A 10-bike system was enough to power a block party music stage. A local spin class called CRUfit showed up with 7 strong adult riders ready for a workout. 3 more bikes provided slots for the general public to hop on and help. The sound system used approximately 500W average during the hour-long performance, meaning that the average power required from each pedaler is about 50W. Power is stabilized and stored in the Pedal Power Utility Boxes, though its ultracapacitor is only large enough to provide a 2-3 minute buffer. Pedalers were coached to “keep it in the green” which refers to the level of the ‘Pedalometer’.

Pedal Powered Stage:
Andre Thierry music:
Winter Williams Presents: