Combining RTB activities to engage crowds at conventions and other large events

This latest video, shot by our friend and partner, Natan Lawson of Wheely Good Smoothies in Baltimore, shows how eight of our rental activities created a large cohesive space with a large exhibit at the recent Democratic National Convention in Philly.


Producers of large events are used to working in large spaces. Spaces that are typically empty and in need of shape, definition and life when they arrive. Just as it is the job of the wedding producer to remember the flowers, it is the job of our customers and rental clients to plan for both the visual impact and the function of everything in their spaces.


sledgehammer pedal powered light activity

Our activities address both of these goals:

  • They define and improve the Feng Shui of your spaces with their colorful forms and beautiful designs.
  • They create a state of receptive openness amongst your audience.
  • They create lasting memories by giving people the unique chance to give energy back.



Our stationary bikes have been designed to be comfortable and enjoyable for small riders and tall riders. See the multi-generational Generator Pro in use here!


Our products are centerpieces that you can use as focal points of attention when planning your walkways, lines of sight, and other large elements like bars, furniture, stages. (To help you do this, we’ve posted our minimum size requirements on our services page under “Rentable Pedal Powered Activities”.

We know that larger spaces typically cost more to rent. Thus the pressure is on you, event coordinator, to fill them with people and good energy. If this is your job, fear not! The motion of Pedal Power is a great match for large spaces. Pedal Power’s draw makes the bigger investment of a bigger space worthwhile. In the video, check out how creating space in the showroom floor leads to a wonderful spontaneous moment of line dancing (to a Pedal Powered DJ Booth of course)!

How do the bikes draw people in?  They’re visually and functionally inviting. People see others smiling and want to try it too. Pedaling is a symbol of happiness that brings out the kid inside us all. Sadly, many people don’t ride because they’re super busy, they don’t know how, or they’re nervous about riding in open traffic. We designed our cruiser-style frames with beautiful colors and your audience’s comfort and enjoyment in mind. The bikes fit nearly everyone from young kids to ladies in heels to towering six foot tall men. The saddles are plush, the grips are ergonomic and the pedals are slip resistant.

When you combine our activities you provide more ways for participants to jump in, opening up their hearts, clearing their mental blocks, and reducing their stresses.  Please note that some of our activities are inherently harder than others. The sLEDgehammer is a short hard sprint, while the Recharge Station is easy and continuous. Mixing our activities is good for connecting with riders of different ages, from old to young.

OK, so the bikes draw people in, but what does that do for you, apart from relieving worries about empty spaces? It allows your staff (or our coaches) to make a human connection with participants. By guiding them through these fresh experiences, you’ll be able to talk to them one on one in a unique state: open, alert, appreciative, and often with their hearts thumping. This is exactly the state you’d want if your goal is to connect to people in your audience one on one about your message.

You already know what your message is. It could be: “Eat healthy, live longer”, “Sample our protein-rich beverage”, “Try this piece of technology”, “sign up for our gym”, “learn the history of the Democratic Party and get psyched for the election”, “Mobilize to resist Climate Change and defeat the local coal transport bill”, “The University of Arizona is great and green”, “Umpqua Bank cares about the community”, etc. Would you rather speak to people whose eyes are focused on their cell phones, or people who are beaming from having won the sLEDgehammer, charged their phone with pedal power, or cranked out a great tasting smoothie?

In addition to the one on one approach between your team and participants, your message will also come through in photography and social media if you brand our bikes with your campaign or logo.

We came to the event world in an unusual way, through the bike door and with a passion for street performing. Our message is “enjoy transforming your life and changing the climate story through bike riding” and we’ve had plenty of chances to see how our activities create openness for it. It’s only been recently, in the last year or two, that we’ve seen how our work can support a way bigger variety of messages. We hope to keep learning and expanding within the field of events and serving the producers of large events get their message across. It’s been a fun process and we thank our awesome clients for leading the way and giving us amazing chances to test our ideas.

If you’re thinking about having some or all of these activities at your large event, remember:

  • Having more bikes creates more energy. People like pedaling alongside each other.
  • Pedaling a bike releases endorphins and reduces stress, making people more receptive to your message.
  • Coaching is important. Coaches help people on and off the bikes. They infuse the experience with care, which helps people become receptive and open.
  • The site of pedaling can increase the quality and amount of press coverage so consider directing press to them.