With a frame as stiff as a tree trunk, and a riding position that’s comfortable and upright, this simple cargo bike will win you over with its good looks and utility. More info
Turns any bike into a party bike! Our most affordable bike blender, it’s also great for schools, camps, and fundraisers. More info
Bring the element of Social Biking to your next event with the Biker Bar, now available for event rental in San Francisco, and for sale as a complete unit or as a DIT (Do It Together) kit. Better than solar panels and biodiesel generators, the Biker Bar gets people talking and pedaling together as they power a concert, a cooking demonstration, or whatever your creative mind envisions. More info
The Pedal Power Education Rig is a hands-on way for you to teach energy conservation without guilt trips. More info
Adds cargo and passenger capacity to the bike you already own while improving the comfort and handling. More info
Rock The Bike shirts and soon hoodies. More info
This Spin Art Station comes ready for final assembly – just screw on the legs, attach your Fender Blender, add some tempra paint and paper and off you go. More info