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St. Patrick’s Day Green Smoothie Recipe

St Patricks Day Green Smoothie

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The pineapple’s acidity and honey’s sweetness balance the spinach and avocado so well you won’t even notice there are vegetables in your drink.

Vegan recipe!




Anti-Flu Super Smoothie – Pomegranate Blueberry Smoothie with Flax!

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A tart and delicious smoothie to chase away the winter flu! Vegan recipe!


‘Sunset on the Farm’ – Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Strawberry Mango SmoothieSee The Recipe:

A refreshing, tropical treat with a gorgeous ruby-red color.

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy

Chocolate Fake-Shake

Chocolate Fake-ShakeSee The Recipe:
Chocolate Fake-Shake by Rock the Bike

Our dairy-free “milk”shake is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.


Very Berry Smoothie

Mixed-Berry-Smoothie-RecipeSee The Recipe:

Easy to make and always a crowd pleaser!

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy and soy milk / nut milk.



Flax and Spinach Power Smoothie

8091997261_905eed16d0_bSee The Recipe:

The e2 team shared this recipe from a recent pedal-powered event.

Allergy Alert! Includes nuts.


Blueberry Beach Cruiser Smoothie

Blueberry-Beach-CruiserSee The Recipe:

Quick and delicious. Perfect for large events where smoothies are in high demand!

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy.



Thick and Tasty Smoothie

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Allergy Alert! Includes nuts and dairy.


Spring Harvest Smoothie

Fender Blender UniversaleSee The Recipe:

Jones Valley Teaching Farm shared this refreshing, seasonal smoothie recipe with us.

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy.

Paradise Punch Smoothie

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A very popular flavor at many events.

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy.

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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This seasonal treat requires very little cooler space.

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy.

Berry Breakfast Smoothie

Morning-Breakfast-SmoothieSee The Recipe:

This smoothie is thicker than usual with more bananas to give you a nice filling, healthy start to the day.


Other Pedal Powered Recipes for Bike Blenders

Bike-It Ben’s “No-Bake” Energy Bars

thumbs up!

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No bake energy bars, great for kids and classrooms that have access to refrigerators and stove tops.


Nut Butter
FullSizeRender (2)See The Recipe:

A protein-packed snack that you can whip up in your High Performance Blender.

Allergy Alert! Includes nuts.


Paul’s Pedal Powered Pesto

Our friends over a the Garden School Foundation told us, “We loved making nasturtium pesto with our bicycle blender!” They loved it so much they want to share the recipe with all our bike blending fans.
Allergy Alert! Includes pine nuts.


Garden School Foundation’s Nasturtium Pesto

gardenschoolfoundation-bike-blendingSee The Recipe:
This fun video shows how to make a garden fresh pesto with the bike blender! Easily adaptable to any greens.

Allergy Alert! Includes walnuts.





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If you need a healthy afternoon snack–either in the classroom, office, or at an event–hummus is a simple way to bike blend one up. Foost shared this delicious recipe with us.



Bike Blended Apple Cider

bike-blender-apple-cider-1-1024x544See The Recipe:

Save the pulp and use it as a struesel topping.


Pumpkin Salsa

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A perfect bike blender snack for fall.




Ice Cream, Gelato & Sorbet

 Sweetcycle’s Honey-Pecan-Lavender Gelato

This Sweetcycle gelato recipe is scaled for the Immergood 5 quart canister hand cranked ice cream maker which has been retrofitted by Rock The Bike to run on pedal power.


The total base volume in this recipe is approximately 3 1/3 quarts which, once churned, in the Immergood ice cream bucket, using pedal power, produces about 5 ½ quarts of gelato or ice cream.  I recommend working with these proportions on the Sweetcycle or the Rock The Bike Icycleta to produce well chilled, creamy ice cream or gelato.

Check out the recipe on the Sweetcycle page here:


Egg-Free, Dairy Cardamom Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream

sweetcycleSee The Recipe:

Chef Kate is sharing her amazing egg-free ice cream recipe with us. Try this recipe and try to tell us that you won’t ditch the egg-based custard! Also, the cardamom oatmeal cookie flavor is innovative yet oh-so-down home. Chapeau, Kate!

Allergy Alert! Includes dairy


Raspberry Sorbet with Pink Champagne Recipe

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This vegan sorbet was submitted by Chef Ned Bell from Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.
Alert! Includes booze.


Vegan Huckleberry Ice Cream

Very BerrySee The Recipe:

Try this taste of the Big Sky State, billed as the most Montana flavor that Little Panda Craft Ice Cream makes! The coconut base will have you ice-screaming for more!




Toasted Almond Sorbet

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Sorbet is a delicious vegan treat with lower fat than ice cream. Here is a no-cook recipe to make 1 gallon of Toasted Almond Sorbet in the Ice Cream Bike.

Allergy Alert! Original recipe includes nuts, but can be substituted with coconut.