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Bicycle-music-touring since 2005, folk band SHAKE YOUR PEACE! continues to define and embody the values of the sustainable music community. With the rallying call of: “harmony onstage and harmony offstage,” SHAKE YOUR PEACE! plays everywhere from green meadows to green festivals, red rock outcroppings to San Francisco music halls, and has gone on 4 bicycle-based music tours (no van support) hauling all their own gear and instruments (including a Rock The Bike human-power rig), and a walking tour, with more of both on the horizon.

Above: SHAKE YOUR PEACE! breaks it down at one of their many stops during the Bay Rising Tour

The band strives to not only reduce its negative environmental impact in ways you may have seen before (hosting their website with 100% wind power, using only 100% recycled and eco-benign CD packaging, etc.), and in ways we all hope to see more of (touring exclusively on bikes, on trains, walking, hitchhiking, public transit, and on boats, and often using a human-powered PA system). It aims to extend the green-cultural field of vision entirely ~ from the: “same old shit, just greener, and slightly more expensive” vision, to a vision as broad and free as the Earth itself. One way SHAKE YOUR PEACE! enjoys doing this is by presenting its songs and merchandise in their vulnerable, unfettered, and wild state: un-copywritten, and un-pricetagged. They sum up the philosophy as: “No prices. Like nature: nothing’s for sale and nothing’s for free.” You can read more about SHAKE YOUR PEACE!’s vision on their website.

SHAKE YOUR PEACE! is proud to align itself with the other artists on this page and organizations like Rock The Bike, in the collective effort to bring the performing arts down to earth.

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Get the crowd movin’ and shakin’ at your next event with SHAKE YOUR PEACE!