Soul Cycle Convertible Chopper

Think back to your favorite characters in your favorite superhero movies. Now picture them on a bicycle. How would they roll up, if they rode a bicycle?

Now what about you? You’ve made a commitment to changing the world. You’re a leader in your field. You ride a bike because you want to help spark a change in our culture. But do you want to fall comfortably into the ‘upstanding citizen’ persona that’s been cut out for bicycle riders in our culture? No! You don’t want to make any quiet statements. You’re ready to stir it up and raise the roof. You’re ready for a Soul Cycle Chopper.

What makes the Soul Cycle Chopper different from ordinary choppers?

Many chopper bicycles have that jaw dropping effect on bystanders that only a custom stretch bike can. The only problem? They can’t climb hills. They’re utterly impractical, until now. The Soul Cycle Chopper was designed in San Francisco, by a passionate bicycle commuter, to climb SF’s hills, and to have maximum curbside appeal. It even has a rigid integrated cargo rack that allows you to carry your work clothes, laptop, or four bags of groceries. When you’re truly ready to Rock The Bike, you need a Soul Cycle Chopper.

The key to the Soul Cycle Chopper’s design is the patent-pending linkage seat system, which allows you to ride in four different positions: Chopping, Cruising, Commuting, and standing. In it’s relaxed position, you’ve got pure attitude. But in its upright position, you’ve got full leg extension for 100% power. You can sit up and cruise, or leave forward on to the portion of the handlebars near the stem, and get an aero position. And if you need to climb a hill, you can either drop the gear and spin, or stand and push. You’ll always find a way to ride that’s comfortable in the moment. If you need to get somewhere in a hurry, just come forward into the commuter position. On Friday night, when it’s time to lead a social ride, just drop and chop.

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