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Party in a Box

CONCERT PACKAGE: The Party in the Box Package is the most compact and affordable way to make your bike-powered concert happen! This package includes ten Rollup Generator stands, a concert ready Utility box designed for US power voltage, and a pedalometer to show the riders and the audience how much power is being created and used by the sound system.

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Pedal Power Utility Box

The Pedal Power Utility Box makes team efforts possible! Up to 10 people at once can convert their good clean Pedal Power to usable AC power, for devices rated up to 1000W.

The utility box comes equipped with AC power adapters that can power your sound system of choice, using up to 1000 watts of power. Best deal for a pedal-powered stage setup. 

For international 220 volt designs, there will be an extra $250 for that modification.