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  • Fender Blender Pro

    Designed for day-in, day-out use, the Fender Blender Pro can hold its own at schools, festivals, trade shows, fundraisers, and events of all types.

  • Fender Blender Universale

    The FBU is the most affordable way to bring the magic of human power to your school, organization, event, camp, or home. Almost any bike will work. Pop it on a stationary stand and start blending!

  • Fender Blender Xtracycle

    The original Fender Blender bike blender. You can toss this in one of your Xtracycle bags, roll to an event, set up your rig, and start cranking out smoothies or Margaritas

  • Fender Blender Mundo

    An homage to the original Fender Blender bike blender. You can toss this in one of your Mundo bags, roll to an event and set up your rig.

  • Bike Blender Packages

    Bike Blender packages have everything you need to rock a Pedal Powered event.

  • Spin Art for Fender Blenders

    With just a few pedal strokes, you can get the platter of your Pedal Powered Spin Art station spinning at 1000-2000 RPM, enough to produce dazzling spirals, circles, and streaks as you squirt paint on the paper.

  • Ice Cream Bikes

    Churn ice cream, sorbet, or gelato with these unique Pedal Powered ice cream makers.

  • Recharge Station

    Everything you need to power your USB-devices with Pedal Power.

  • sLEDGehammer

    An interactive light challenge that harkens back to the classic carnival sledgehammer game.

  • Pro Pedal Powered Generators

    Generators using our Pro frame; engaging in the front, and fits a wide variety of riders.

  • Pedal Power Generator Kits

    Generator stands and generator wheels to use with your bike. All our generators are portable and quiet.

  • Pedal Powered Stage Gear

    Generators, Loudspeakers, Circuitry, and Interactive 'Pedalometer' displays for concerts of all sizes.

  • Bike Lights

    Includes blinkies, flexible LED strips, and accessories for the Down Low Glow.

  • Everyday Biking

    Our favorite tools, parts, and gizmos that make biking righteous.

  • Unique Gifts
  • Apparel

    Rock out with T-shirts and more from the Rock The Bike music community.

  • Cases

    Cases to keep your Rock the Bike gear together during storage or shipping


    Get a good deal on items from our rental fleet, or older styles being phased out by newer models.