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The Pedal Power Year-Round Package

This package includes everything you need to use your Fender Blender Pro throughout the year--whether it's hot and sunny, rainy, or downright cold outside. 

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Availability: In Stock, Build Time 5 - 7 Days


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The Year-Round package has everything you need to use your Fender Blender Pro throughout the year. In the warm Spring/Summer months bike blend smoothies, cocktails, or other cool treats in your High Performance Blender. In the cooler months of Fall/Winter use your Blendtec pitcher to make hot soups, pesto/sauces, or use your Spin Art attachment for a fun indoor-friendly activity.

Available Colors: GreenBlue, Red, or Orange (or custom color +$350). 

Assembled Dimensions: 78″ long, 42″ tall, 50″ wide.
Assembled Dimensions, without Spin Art: 60 long, 42″ tall, 50″ wide. 

Cost Breakdown:

Fender Blender Pro Frame $1700
High Performance Upgrade $250
Additional Blendtec Pitcher (2 total) $160
Spin Art Attachment $600
Easy Rolling Transport Wheels $35
Spin Art Paint Kit $95
Total   $2,840   
New Total   $2,555   

In the Box:

  • One Fender Blender Pro base
  • One High Performance Upgrade blender base
  • One Additional Blendtec Pitcher (2 total)
  • Easy Rolling Transport Wheels
  • One Spin Art attachment
  • 6 colors of paint (ROYGBV) in 16 oz bottles with lids and caps
  • Clothespins and String
  • Illustrated Instruction Manuals
  • Allen Keys
  • Bike Blended Smoothie Stickers

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