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The Universale Bike-It-There Package

Everything you need to bike your blender to the beach or park! Roll up to your outdoor destination, pop your bike on the stationary stand, take out your blending gear, and you're ready to get going! 

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Everything you need to carry your blending gear on your own bike. Roll up to the beach or park, pop your bike on the stand, take out your blending gear and you're ready to get going. One Dutchy Pannier is included to carry your bike blender, in addition to the insulated Carbon Cooler to carry frozen fruits, juices, ice, and other blendables. The Carbon Cooler also includes a cutting board!


What's In the Package:

Fender Blender Universale $249
1 Additional Pitcher (2 total) $33
Stationary Stand $75
1 Dutchy Pannier  $70
1 Carbon Cooler $100
Total   $527
New Total   $476

In the Box:

  • One adjustable-height rack with parts
  • One Fender Blender Standard base
  • Two impact-resistant Oster-compatible blender pitchers
  • One Stationary Stand (+$20 for 20" / Kids Stand)
  • One 22L Dutchy Pannier
  • One 22L Insulated Carbon Cooler