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The High Performance Universale Package

 Maximize your bike blending experience. Additional blender pitchers allow you to increase activity throughput, offer various recipes, or offer a vegan/lactose-free smoothie option. 

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The High Performance Universale Package will help you get ready for your big event or gathering. Once you source the ideal bike for blending (see this helpful guide) this package will get you everything you need to prepare for your first event. 

What's In the Package:

Fender Blender Universale $249
High Performance Upgrade $250
1 Additional Blendtec Pitcher (2 total) $160
Stationary Stand $75
Total   $734
New Total   $670

In the Box:

  • One Universale adjustable-height rack with parts
  • One Fender Blender High Performance base
  • Two Blendtec Pitchers
  • One Stationary Stand (+$20 for 20" / Kids Stand)