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Two Rock the Bike Reflective Cam Straps

Bungees have their place, but for serious cargo hauling these cam straps are indispensable – we regularly use them to transport pedal power gear to events. Comes in 1-meter or 3-meter lengths, or get a combo pack of 12.

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The harder you pull, the harder the steel buckle bites into the strap. You can tension it as little or as much as you want, giving you the peace of mind that your load isn’t going to shift unpredicatably. It's perfect for tasks: like carrying a large load, moving a rigid object, towing a bike, securing a blanket for your cargo passenger, or roping a goat!

Two Silver heavy duty nylon webbing with a reflective badge for night time visibility and steel cam buckle that is made to last. Available in 1 meter for small loads or 3 meters for big stuff.

12-PACK OPTION: 10 Reflective Cam Straps (3m) and 2 Reflective Cam Straps (1m) - $65

Cam straps are awesome problem solvers.

When using a cam strap, try to find the Shortest Path around the object you’re securing. A diagonal path may shift or spin your load or loosen along the way. See how to properly use cam straps here.


It holds tension with amazing strength. Check out this “don’t try this in your home forest” moment!

In order to use these straps most effectively, you need to keep them coiled neatly, ready for use, not jumbled up in your bag! See how to coil a cam strap in this video.