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Off the Wall

Whether you want to party off the grid, charge your phone after a natural disaster, get your kids exercising, or teach energy efficiency in an interactive way (or all of the above!), the Off the Wall gives you a way to generate immediately usable electricity directly from your bicycle.

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  • Fits almost any bike. No need to change any part of the bike.
  • Attaches & detaches in minutes. You roll right up!
  • Highest power capacity tire rolling dynamo on the market
  • Standard model fits 24”, 26”, 29” and 700c wheels
  • Small model fits 20” wheels (many kid’s bikes and folding bikes)
  • Internal LED lighting tells you it’s working and attracts attention
  • Internals (magnets, coils and wiring) are visible through clear case - teaching tool
  • The included stand elevates the rear wheel, allowing you to do other pedal powered activities in the future, such as blending and spin-art
Upgrade your Off the Wall generator with the Comparison Station (+$200)! Swap between different devices to compare the energy required to turn it on. We recommend comparing an LED vs incandescent bulb.


  • Compatible with devices that have a switching power supply (will read "INPUT: 100 - 240V" on back of device)
  • Capable of generating 300W continuous output without getting warm. 300W sustained output is very challenging for most pedalers to sustain!
  • Weight: 20lbs


  • Knob style QR skewers or axle nuts (stand not compatible with internally geared hubs with thru axle shifting)
  • Tires with smooth center tread
  • Geared bikes increase pedaling comfort – allow rider to find the ideal cadence

In the Box:

  • 1 Rub-generator and Stationary Stand (20" or 24 - 26")


Click here for a detailed description about the Off the Wall