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Modified JBL PRX Loudspeaker

A Rock The Bike exclusive! Our DC mod eliminates the need for AC power for your loudspeakers, making Pedal Powered Stages up to 44% more efficient.

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Availability: In Stock, Build Time 2 - 4 Weeks


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An awesome combination of light weight, efficiency, and audio clarity. The Rock The Bike modified JBL PRX loudspeaker has been the cornerstone of the most pioneering Pedal Powered Stage crews including Rock The Bike and the Pleasant Revolution. Not limited to Pedal Power use, the Modified JBL PRX line is an amazing Mobile Sound speaker as well. The applications are as broad as your needs: bike parties, press conferences, or full-on concerts.

We choose the JBL PRX series 615 and 635 models because they're light enough to carry on a cargo bike. 615s weigh ~20lbs lighter than the 635 model.

Modified JBL PRX Loudspeakers in-stock: 615, 635, 618 Subwoofer.

Assembled Dimensions:
615: 26.0 in x 16.9 in x 16.3 in
635: 41.5 in x 16.7 in x 16.3 in
618 Subwoofer: 27.0 in x 20.9 in x 28.2 in


In the Box:

  • One Modified JBL PRX Loudspeaker (615, 635, or 618 Subwoofer)
  • Rock The Bike 2-year warranty included.

Click here for more detail about our customization regarding the Modified JBL Loudspeakers