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Soul Cycle DIT Head Unit Box

The Soul Cycle Head Unit is an attractive control panel and project box that makes custom wiring a snap.

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With this Head Unit you instantly have:

  • An attractive control panel that’s perfect for either cruising with music, or human power demonstrations. Mounts on your handlebars with the excellent KlickFix quick release system. Secure, quick, fun, and suave. Click. Click. Ready to cruise.
  • Comes with your choice of 2 connectors including the Neutrik SpeakOn 2-way, 4-way, or 8-way. Road tested strain relief and wire management! This means you can separate the Head Unit from your wiring harness with a single twist-unlock move.
  • The top surface of the Head Unit is a removable plate. Drill it, cut it, customize it, then attach it with four screws. If you make a bad mistake, throw it out and start again without sacrificing the whole head unit.
  • Can be reused for new projects. You might have a great time with your Human Power at indoor events in the wintertime, then want to create a Soul Cycle to lead social rides in the summertime. The Head Unit can be rewired and re-purposed.
  • Optional 4-channel mixer helps you make announcements through the Mothership. Wire microphone jack into the top panel. You’ll get the effect of “plugging in to the bike.”