Toasted Almond Sorbet Recipe

Above: A pint or two of Coconut Almond Sorbet at the right consistency.

Sorbet is a delicious vegan treat with lower fat than traditional ice cream. Below you will find a no-cook recipe to make 1 gallon of Toasted Almond Sorbet. Depending on your serving sizes, you can serve anywhere between 128 1 oz. servings and 32 4 oz. servings.


  • 2 – 32 oz. cartons unsweetened coconut milk
  • 2 quarts water
  • 4 cups sugar (1 32 oz. bag)
  • 5 Tbsp vanilla
  • 9 – 8 oz. bags of toasted almonds (can also substitute 72 oz shredded unsweetened coconut)

The combined cost is roughly $40. If you sell 4 oz. servings at $4 each you could profit $88! If you use a cheaper nut than toasted almond, then you can cut your costs in half and increase profit to $100!

Additional Things You’ll Need:

A large spoon for mixing, serving bowls, ice, salt, and an ice cream scoop.

How To Make Sorbet:

Stir all ingredients together and pour into your pre-frosted canister (or pour into the canister and stir if you’re at an event). Secure the canister into the oak tub, and surround with ice and salt. Attach the slip-proof belt and begin to pedal your Ice Cream Bike Pro or Icycleta Ice Cream Attachment for roughly 20 minutes until solidified. Serve immediately, or pack and store to make more firm.


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