Unique Gift Ideas

This is our guide to great gifts for your favorite cyclist!

We’ve updated our selection of unique gifts with some great products that are sure to please your favorite cyclo-phile! Check out the links below to our selection of Rock-the Bike approved products. We select these products with thousands of miles of riding under our belts, so you can give them as gifts with confidence. Our recommendations are from the heart.

Here are some ideas to start with:

» Got a high-class cyclist in the family? A Brook’s leather saddle is sure to impress, hand made in England.

» Know someone who rides with headphones? An In-the-pocket SoulCycle Head unit will give them the ability to stay groovy, without compromising safety. It’s a plug-and-play handlebar audio amp that produces professional sound quality with easy set-up!

» Handmade Second Wind Chimes are a beautiful way to “shout from the rooftops” an authentic appreciation for gear ratios.

» Choppers, beach cruisers and low riders can add some flair with “Fire” or “Ice” colored Sweetskinz tires, which have relective designs for added safety.

» An Incredibell is a great gift for any rider!

» Anyone who commutes to work will appreciate a Multi-Tool.

» Night riders love to know you care: get them a Blinkie to prove it!

» Anyone who carries heavy loads on their bike will enjoy using our reflective cam-straps instead of bungee cords.

Still not sure what to get? Browse the “Available Products” section below for more ideas, or give us a call at the workshop and we can talk you through it. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we may be able to specially order it. All of these products can be shipped directly to the recipient.

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  • Two Reflective Cam Straps

    Bungies have their place, but for serious cargo hauling cams straps are indispensable – we use these regularly to deliver 70+ lb  boxes to our shipping carrier. The harder you pull, the harder the steel buckle bites into the strap. You can tension it as little or as much as you want, giving you the [...]

  • Incredibell

    Incredibell Pedestrian Alert System   The Incredibell is a solid brass bell that mounts cleanly to your handlebars. It’s got a double action, meaning that you press it once, you hear two bell strikes. And these aren’t wimpy ceramic dinner bell tinkles, either. This is solid brass, people! The sound really carries and has a [...]

  • Lockable Grips

    Lockable Grips, By Pedros They’ll never slip around, even in the rain. In the world of Product Design, ‘Contact Points’ are the places where a human interfaces with a product. On a bicycle, the contact points are the pedals for your feet, the seat / saddle for your rear end, and the grips, shifters and [...]

  • Second Wind Chimes

      Think hammocks, sun tea, gardening, and sea breezes. Sleep in and wake up to the sound of your wind chimes in the breeze outside your bedroom. Daydream about sunny bike rides on a stormy day. Handmade in our Berkeley workshop by inventor/craftsman Mike Cobb. Around the workshop, Cobb is known for his passionate recycling [...]

  • Blank Journal

    If you’re fed up with getting a new digital organizer thingy every 2 years, we highly recommend these sturdy, simple blank journals. In our experience, using a paper journal has several distinct advantages over the latest gizmo: It’s romantic. The feel of pen on paper inspires you to greatness. You’re less likely to lose it. [...]