1 Bike / 1 Speaker used for 500 activists at 350.org’s Global Power Shift summit in Istanbul

A proper listening environment like these stands really helps. This way the furthest listeners aren’t blocked by the closest rows. 

The speaker’s wide dispersion pattern made it possible to use ‘in the round’. Even people at the edges can hear the words. 

350.org  isn’t focused specifically on bikes, but they do care about People Power. The fact that they were able to receive the system, build it up and use it with good results, all without a Rock The Bike crewmember present, is a great sign for the readiness of Pedal Power to help out all sorts of activist groups. 

If you’d like to rent or purchase a One Bike / One Speaker system, please let us know. 

Here’s the video showing the components and set up in depth: 


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