Highlights from Vancouver Bicycle Music Festival online

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Heather from Stitchcraft performs LiveOnBike at the Vancouver Bicycle Music Festival. Photo: Momentum

See all the highlight photos on the Momentum blog.

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Flow Toys festival rig

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Flow Toys festival rig

Sean's festival rig

Sean and his wife run www.FlowToys.com — they make light toys for Poi dancing and staff spinning. They recently came out with a new product called the FlowLight, a cool fish-shaped toy with about a dozen different light modes that look especially cool while spinning or moving. The LED’s flicker in ways that cause a ‘persistence of vision effect‘.

Sean was heading to the Oregon Country Fair, a multi-day festival, to sell his wares. He tricked out his Xtracycle with bins to showcase his staffs and store his inventory. There are shimmering reflective holographic stickers on the main triangle of the frame. He also purchased some custom “ghost” colored Down Low Glow (a light purplish white).

Sean came up with a custom kickstand for his rig too.

It should be noted that Xtracycle frames have a cantilevered rear section. So supporting it from the rear is not appropriate for some applications, like bike blending, when there will be a rider on the bike.


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