Crewed Recharge Bar

Oct 16, 2016Posted by in Electric Fender Blender Pro, Pedal Powered Recharge Bar, Services | Comments Off on Crewed Recharge Bar

A Recharge Bar is a combination of a Recharge Station and a DJ Rig. It’s more than just a place to recharge phones; it’s downright groovy! It’s a place to relax, pedal, get your heart going, meet others, and send great music out to a larger space.

Conferences are all about the sharing of knowledge and connections between people. Lately, both of those things involve mobile technology. People share knowledge and connect to each other with the devices they hold in their hands, and those devices require power. At the Pedal Powered Recharge Bar, each bike has its 8 USB ports capable of charging up to 8 or more phones at once.

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