Two Reflective Cam Straps

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Cam straps stacked

Bungies have their place, but for serious cargo hauling cams straps are indispensable – we use these regularly to deliver 70+ lbĀ  boxes to our shipping carrier.

The harder you pull, the harder the steel buckle bites into the strap. You can tension it as little or as much as you want, giving you the peace of mind thatĀ  your load isn’t going to shift unpredicatably. It holds tension with amazing strength. Check out the “don’t try this in your home forest” moment below!

Cam straps are awesome problem solvers.

When using a cam strap, try to find the Shortest Path around the object you’re securing. A diagonal path may shift or spin your load or loosen along the way. See below.

Cam straps are great for gusto. Note one in action below as crew member Pastana ropes a stray goat at our 2010 Earth Day concert at USF.

In order to use these straps most effectively, you need to keep them coiled neatly, ready for use, not jumbled up in your bag!

See how to coil a cam strap in this video:

Silver heavy duty nylon strapping with a reflective badge for night time visibility and steel cam buckle made to last. Available in 1 meter for small loads or 3 meters for big stuff.


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In The Box:
  • Two Cam Straps


Price: $13.00
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Incredibell Pedestrian Alert System


The Incredibell is a solid brass bell that mounts cleanly to your handlebars. It’s got a double action, meaning that you press it once, you hear two bell strikes. And these aren’t wimpy ceramic dinner bell tinkles, either. This is solid brass, people! The sound really carries and has a beautiful tone to it. Everyone who hears this bell loves the sound of it. The double action is also handy for adding percussion to the music on a cruiser ride. More on that later.

During the 90’s having a bell was one of those things we were taught to look down on for no good reason. The dominance of ‘performance’ emphasis in the bike industry turned useful accessories like bells and kickstands into ‘excess weight’.

The bell is back. The Incredibell is small. It weighs just about nothing. Only a truly heartless bastard would steal it. It’s about the most cheerful thing on your bike. It is simply the coolest, most dignified way there is to say “I’m coming. Please be careful.” If you don’t have one, you’ll just end up grumbling unrecognizable noises or clicking your brake levers at some grandma or a cute female. These behaviors contribute to the perception that bicyclists are ‘wierd,’ ‘geeky,’ and self-centered. By contrast, ringing a bell evokes all the charm of the bike aura and spreads the love, big time. So get yourself a bell!

I used to have a girlfriend, who, every time she came over, she’d ring her bike bell outside my apartment to let me know she was home. All the way up in the attic I’d hear the mellifluous tones and run down to greet her. That bell, ladies and gentlemen, was an Incredibell.

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Lockable Grips

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Lockable Grips, By Pedros

They’ll never slip around, even in the rain.
In the world of Product Design, ‘Contact Points’ are the places where a human interfaces with a product. On a bicycle, the contact points are the pedals for your feet, the seat / saddle for your rear end, and the grips, shifters and brake levers for your hands.
When a friend walks up to you and complements your bike, their hands will probably reach for the grips and brakes. And if you want to improve your experience on your bike, one of the first places to start is with the grips and other contact points.
We’ve been testing a few different types of bike grips and are excited to recommend Pedros Lockable grips. These grips have three really important things going for them:
1. They feel great on your hands. The small diamonds are just the right hardness to cushion your hands on harsh roads, yet they feel really secure in tense situations.
2. Never come loose in wet weather. Normal bike grips are vulnerable to water penetration, which can cuase them to rotate around your handlebars on wet rides. But this is exactly when you need your bike to be predictable and surefooted. Get a pair of grips that will never be slippery when wet. The Pedros Locking Grips tighten to your handlebars with machine screws. They don’t rely on friction.
3. No hairspray required. Have you ever had to run to the store to buy some Aqua Net because you wanted to pull a pair of grips off? (Hairspray acts as a lubricant when wet and an adhesive when dry.) We love hairspray just as much as the next pyromaniac, but when it comes to working on bikes, it’s cooler if the parts just work as they are without having to spray beauty products on them. Because they install with an 3mm Allen key, the Pedro’s Locking Grips don’t require any lubrication or force to install.
4. You can modify these grips to your desired length by cutting them down with a hack saw. They have two locking points. If you remove one of the two locking points (as might be necessary if your bike has twist shifters) you can still get a very secure mount on your handlebars.
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Second Wind Chimes

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Think hammocks, sun tea, gardening, and sea breezes. Sleep in and wake up to the sound of your wind chimes in the breeze outside your bedroom. Daydream about sunny bike rides on a stormy day.

Handmade in our Berkeley workshop by inventor/craftsman Mike Cobb. Around the workshop, Cobb is known for his passionate recycling and reuse. He has been seen hack-sawing aerosol cans to separate the recyclable metal from the plastic nozzle. Prior to developing the ‘Second Wind’ chimes, he manufactured “Oyster Buckets” bike panniers and “Tube Saver” innertube-enclosed patch kits while running the green business he called Cobbworks in Olympia, Washington.

Mike personally selects and removes the valuable parts from bikes destined for landfills, transforming this trash into a beautiful item for your home. These hand-made chimes help you transform an ordinary afternoon into a relaxing excursion. Made from salvaged bicycle parts including cogs, chainrings, freewheel bodies, cranks, chains, and derailleur cables. No two are the same.

Offers a resonant-chime in medium breezes. Protected with a light coat of acryllic varnish, these chimes start out with a glossy shine, but are not weatherproof. They will develop a rusty patina over the years. However, as the various metals — cromoly steel, aluminum, and nickel-plated steel — take on the color of age, the stainless steel cables and brass hardware maintain their integrity.

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Blank Journal

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If you’re fed up with getting a new digital organizer thingy every 2 years, we highly recommend these sturdy, simple blank journals.

In our experience, using a paper journal has several distinct advantages over the latest gizmo:

  • It’s romantic. The feel of pen on paper inspires you to greatness.
  • You’re less likely to lose it. It’s larger. If you do lose it and you provide a “if found” notice at the front, people wil probably contact you. (It has low street value).
  • It has an inner pocket for both inspiring mementos and minutia like receipts and such.
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