How fast will my phone charge when it’s plugged in to the Recharge Desk?

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Q: How fast will my phone charge when it’s plugged in to the Recharge Desk? If I pedal faster will my device charge faster?

A: Pedal power won’t cause your phones to charge any faster than they normally would. This is because you are creating enough electricity to charge an electronic device and nothing more. Faster pedaling does not equal faster charging however constant pedaling will equal constant charging. It’s not the speed it’s the duration. If you want things to charge quicker than they normally do, suggest riders switch their devices to airplane mode or use high quality USB “quick” cables.

If a person’s phone is completely dead, it will take them however long to charge their phone as it does when the phone is plugged into a wall outlet.

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How many charging units can charge at one time?

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Q: How many charging units can charge at one time?

A: Recharge Desks are outfitted with eight USB ports. When you purchase a Recharge Desk from us, they won’t come with any charging cables but when you rent one, we provide you with cables, but please we please ask that you return them!

One person can pedal enough power to charge eight devices!


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Hire a Smoothie Booth for Your Event

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Hire a Smoothie Booth for Your Event

Photo Credit: Adam Aufdencamp

Hire Rock the Bike to run a smoothie booth at your event and we’ll supply experienced crew members who can cover all aspects of bike blending. We’ll bring the bike, prepare the smoothies, coach the activity, and ensure higher volumes at your event. We’re fun-loving and outgoing event people. We’ll make sure the smoothies are sweet and tangy, and that everyone gets a chance to pedal.

Crew Fees. The base fee is $900/day* for one crew member, and additional crew members are $600/ day* for each additional crew member. Day rates assume the crew is on site for no more than 8 hours, including load-in, set up, break down and strike. For events that have us on-site longer than 8 hours crew fees are $1,300 for the first crew member , and $850 for each additional. Bike blenders are a flat rate of $300 / day.

Ingredients and Cups. Crew fees do not include the cost of ingredients or serving cups. Rock the Bike will work with you to create a menu and shop for necessary ingredients to serve your crowd size. Rock the Bike charges $1/smoothie serving and $0.10/smoothie cup. Your expected crowd size will help us determine ingredient and cup costs. We typically blend our own recipes, but will gladly make a preferred recipe or tailor the beverage to your particular event. Our cups are 9 oz compostable cups. You can provide ingredients and/or serving cups to reduce costs.

Health Permits. If you event requires a health permit or liability insurance we can also handle that. It is the client’s responsibility to pay for health permit fees, either directly to the county or via Rock the Bike. To have Rock the Bike file the permit for your event and bring necessary gear to pass health inspection is $350 per event.

Transportation. We charge a transportation fee for all gigs in the Bay Area. Transportation cost varies by location. The least amount we charge is $150 for Oakland/Berkeley/SF.  We aim to bike to all of our events. Unfortunately, some locations are too remote for this.

Space Requirements. One Fender Blender Pro will need a 10′ x 10′ space. This space will fit the bike, 1 crew, 1 table, and some extra space for spectators. Additional bikes and/or crew will need more space, but not double the amount. Reach out if you need help estimating how much space your activities will need.

Our team can staff all of our activities, not just our bike blenders! Use the below form to submit a quote request for your event.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Rock the Bike crewing their events:

The smoothie bike was a huge hit and a lot of employees said that they loved you as the facilitator, that you were fun and friendly. Thanks for making our event successful!
Cost Plus World Market (Health Fair)

I just wanted to say thank you so very much for taking the time to have Rock the Bike come out and support Wente Vineyards this week. We really enjoyed working with you all and look forward to future events.
– Wente Vineyards (Health Fair)

Thanks again for participating in the LinkedIn Health Fair!  Your enthusiasm and awesome smoothies and pesto were a big draw and it really helped bring attention to the bike program. You guys were awesome! 
— LinkedIn (Health Fair)

Hire Rock the Bike for Your Upcoming Event

Want to book Rock the Bike? Use the below form to request a quote:

    Indoors or Outdoors?

    Pedal Powered Activity Desired
    Bike BlenderPedal Powered Spin ArtIce Cream BikeCell Phone Recharge StationsLEDgehammerDual sLEDgehammerPedal Powered StagePedal Powered Lighting

    Is your event public or private?

    IF PUBLIC, is your event permitted?

    IF BIKE BLENDING, check the items you can provide below:
    CupsIngredientsCoolerIceTable10x10 Tent (outdoors only)

    Just want to rent the bike blender? Go here to see more about our Fender Blender Pro rentals

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    Where Can I Buy Rock The Bike Products Outside of the United States?

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    If you are located outside of the United States, you can still order a Fender Blender Pro from us! However, perhaps you might want to check for an official Rock The Bike dealer near to you! Use our interactive map to find your closest Dealer.

    We have EXCLUSIVE DEALERS that we will be directing your inquiries to. If you see your country listed below, please feel free to contact them directly:

    Germany & Austria – Andi at Vitamin:Rausch will help you; please email him at

    Australia & New Zealand – Kate at Foost will help you; please email her at

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    What kind of vehicle should I use to transport the Pro frame?

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    What kind of vehicle should I use to transport the Pro frame?

    Most hatchback style cars can usually fit at least one partially disassembled Pro frame inside. You’ll want to use a car with a large trunk; it’s even better if the back seats fold down to extend the trunk space.

    A pickup truck can carry 2-4 fully built Pro frames in the bed. Most SUVs can carry a single Pro frame in the trunk with no disassembly. Smaller cars may probably require some small adjustments or disassembly such as lowering the handlebars, dropping the saddle, or removing the crossbar to fit in the trunk or back seat.

    Most vehicles can fit 2 bike blenders with small adjustments or disassembly. We will provide the hex wrenches you’ll need to reassemble the bike again at your destination.

    Any car will work if you’re using a regular bike rack.

    Above: Tone transports a Fender Blender Pro on a sedan with a regular bike rack. Note the towel wrapped around the end of the crossbar to keep it from scratching the bumper.

    A roof rack can help if you want to use a small car and don’t want to do any disassembly. Here’s a photo to show roof rack use and size comparison.

    We encourage you to try bike towing with your rental bike. It’s fun, safe, practical and reduces the carbon footprint of your event, and there is no disassembly required! Any bicycle with a rear rack can tow the Fender Blender Pro. There is no extra rental charge for the trailer wheels and hitch, or you can purchase the Tow Kit to travel with your bike blender.

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    Recharge Station

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    Recharge Station

    It’s a bike that charges phones, 8 of them to be precise. This event power station sparks the kinds of informal conversations and networking that draw people to conferences, concerts, and meetings in the first place. The sight of pedaling and the diffuse green glow of the enclosure underneath the wooden desk draw in crowds throughout the day. The system is so easy to set up and use, it can be stationed without an attendant, or as we say, a “coach.” For the best results, a coach will help people feel more relaxed and comfortable, plugging in their phones and adjusting the seat to the right height for new riders. An integrated ‘Pedalometer’, a thermometer style light sequence next to the USB sockets, shows people exactly how hard to pedal to maintain consistent charging. Just keep the Pedalometer in the green and phones will charge as fast as they do from the latest wall-powered chargers.

    With a Recharge Station you’ll have an instant landmark at your event. You’ll hear people say “I’ll meet you at the bikes.” And it’s not just a landmark; it’s a social ice breaker. Phone charging can either be something awkward — seeing your attendees looking around for outlets and dealing with forgotten charge cables — or cool, green and positive with the Recharge Station. By pedaling to charge their phone, they’ll actually get some stress-relief and movement, great for conferences where people are sitting and standing a lot. We consistently hear at events that people are grateful for a place to get their legs moving and get their heart rate up a bit.  As Rock The Bike activities go, this one is on the easy side, meaning people can definitely pedal in business attire without worry. It’s not like the cardio machines at the gym; talking and pedaling is very doable, even while charging 8 phones.

    Informal Healthcare and IT presentation taking place on Recharge Station at IBM Insight 2015
    Above: Conference attendees exchange information and ideas on the Recharge Stations at IBM’s Insight 2015.


    For events with a green audience or a techie crowd, they’ll appreciate the chance to convert their muscle power into usable energy for their phones and tablets, something we often take for granted. The “What Watt?!”, which is now stock on all Recharge Desks, provides live pedaling statistics including instantaneous Wattage and accumulated energy. The “Watt What?!” will compare their power output to devices we use in our everyday lives, like incandescent vs LED lights, or a television.


    When we rent the Recharge Station we include a bag of multi-charge cables. But when we sell it, we include eight. Remember to get a few extra and label them, they are easily lost at events.

    The Recharge Station is a match for the Electric Fender Blender Pro or the Generator Pro. On these Generators, installation happens without tools using only Velcro and rubber ‘TwoFish mounts’. To use it with a Roll Up Generator Stand, you’ll need to change out the handlebar and stem. This may be worth it to you if you are on a budget and love the function of the Recharge Desk.

    It’s possible to brand the desk with your logo. You can do this on top of the wooden desk to keep some of the wood grain visible, or you can wrap the entire desk. A template is available for your graphic designer. For the best possible brand penetration, brand the wheel, frame, and desk.

    Above: Custom Color, Wheel Branding, Frame Branding: Top Tube, and Recharge Desk Branding.



    Action happens in front: makes Pedal Power more fun and social. Ensures the best results.

    Very friendly to adults and kids (down to approximately 7-year-old kids). Widely adjustable seat height and handlebars offer a comfortable and easy grip position. As it is lowered the seat gets closer to the handlebars.

    Many good surfaces and options for your branding on the wheel cover, frame, and recharge desk. Please read more about our and frame branding options.

    Riders can see their live pedaling statistics including instantaneous Wattage and accumulated Energy during their time using the bike. The Watt What will compare their Wattage to items we power in our everyday lives, like incandescent vs LED lights.

    Efficient Pedal Power generator and application, so there is less chance of human effort being wasted.

    Available in Green, Orange, Blue, Red or in your custom color. Please read more about custom frame colors.

    Comes with fully illustrated instructions for setup and use, view and download them here.

    Assembled dimensions + weight : 56″ long, 41″ tall, 31″ wide @ 75 pounds

    Shipping dimensions + weights: 2 units total, 1 unit – 38″ x 34″ x 11″ @ 80 lbs, 2nd unit – 25″ x 21″ x 05″ @ 10 lbs

    Build time: In Stock, Ships in 3 – 5 days

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