Pedal Powered Stage Lighting: LED Panels

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Illuminate their imaginations.

What is a concert without stage lighting? With our new LED panels you can run lights directly off Pedal Power with no circuitry. Allow your audience to control the feel of the show by controlling the lights. The harder they pedal, the brighter the lights will be. Get kids excited to see their power work!

Our 12volt LED panels are made of over 1,000 LEDs. They can also be wired together to make 24volt lights! The panels are flat, which makes for a wide viewing angle of light, as well as being easy to store. They are mounted on a polycarbonate sheet, and covered with a bar-top finish to protect from damage. These lights are designed to easily carry on your bike for the ultimate Pedal Powered event.

These lights work well with hub generator rigs, like the Electric Fender Blender Pro and Mundo 500. You can also hook them up into a drop-in generator, which is compatible with all our Fender Blender models. They run off a battery, and can also be a great way to drain your pedal power system after an event. Or, use them while you’re packing up to keep some light on the gear!

Cost: $450/panel

Colors: Red, Blue or Green (Red & Blue make a great combo!)

Weight: 2-3 lbs

Made to order, 2 week turn around on orders.
Have an event deadline? Please tell us when placing your order!

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Pedalometer and utility box
Fun, accurate, motivating, and visible from anywhere in the venue.


The 3′ tall Pedalometer is an amazing help at Pedal Powered Stage events. This precisely calibrated system uses color-coded LED lights to display pedaling effort. Different colored sections correspond to dangerously low, dangerously high, and ‘sweet spot’ voltages. Your sound engineer and audience will know it’s time to kick up the pedaling when the LEDs blink red, or to cruise when white.

Pedalometer @ Climate Rally

Compatible with all Rock the Bike Pedal Power Utility Boxes and can be made to work with a Pedal Power Stage of your making. As part of a Pedal Power Stage purchase, it will be calibrated to your gear. If you already own the Pedal Power Stage, we’ll ask you a few questions about your gear to ensure it is calibrated (please call 1-888-354-BIKE).

See our Video Demonstration of the Pedalometer

Status: Built to Order

Price: $1,450.00

Our classic Pedalometer design in which a fan blows a beer can is now up-to-the-second with an LED display, but we still can’t forget the vintage version…

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Electric Fender Blender Pro

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Electric FBPro

Our quietest, simplest, most powerful and compact human power generator.

bicycle power

It’s the most effective Pedal Power generator we know of. It has all the features of the Generator Pro, plus you can blend smoothies. We use it as one of the key pieces of gear in our Pedal Powered Stage at events such as the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.


The Electric FB Pro combines a Fender Blender Pro with a brushless Generator wheel . The generator wheel offers a flywheel effect that helps smooth out the peaks and valleys of Pedal Power, making Pedal Power feel fun and comfortable. And because there’s nothing rubbing on the tire, there’s no loss of power to friction. The conversion of mechanical energy (i.e. muscle power / burrito power) to electrical potential happens in the center of the wheel. With a committed pedaler, even one of these bikes is capable of powering a music system at very impressive listening levels. One person pedaling can get 50-100 people dancing to high energy DJ music when the Electric FB Pro is paired with efficient loudspeakers.

bike machine

The Electric Fender Blender Pro generates DC power. Many devices you’ll want to use require AC Power. Please see the video below to learn how this generator works in tandem with our Pedal Power Utility Box:

If you’re wondering about whether you can use Pedal Power for a particular device or appliance, start by checking the wattage rating on the label near its cord or in the product manual. A single pedaler on the Electric Fender Blender Pro is capable of producing up to 600 watts of DC power at peak moments. This wattage, of course, is dependent upon how strong your pedaler is! Most adults can produce 50-75 watts when pedaling at a social / around town / cruising pace. The Electric Fender Blender Pro can be use with other generators as part of a team effort. Our Pedal Power Utility Box accepts power from 5-10 bikes.

The Fender Blender Pro frame fits a wide variety of riders, down to a 7 year old kid.

It’s a great Bike Blender, the best in fact. You can use it in either Bike Blending or electricity generating mode. You switch between these modes by rotating the blender’s roller away from the tire. This happens without tools.


The Electric Fender Blender Pro is not a functioning transportation bicycle, but can be easily towed behind another bike with the above trailer wheels.

Available in Green, Orange, Blue, Red or in your custom color. Please read more about custom frame colors and branding options.

We also offer the High Performance upgrade on the Electric FB Pro for 2x the volume and 2x the blade size.

Price: $2,125
Rentable: Yes, with Pedal Power Stage

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Pedal Power Utility Box

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The Pedal Power Utility Box makes team efforts possible! Up to 10 people at once can convert their good clean Pedal Power to usable AC power, for devices rated up to 1000W.

Utiliy Box event web2

A Pedal Power Utility Box in use at an event. All the essential circuitry and wiring needed for Pedal Powered events is safely beneath a polycarbonate panel, so wires don’t get yanked. A four-line LED ‘Pedalometer’ displays current power levels to pedalers, so they can adjust their effort to keep power ‘in the green’.

Dealing with wiring, protection circuitry, and power display is often the most challenging part of planning and building a Pedal Powered Stage. Why not let the pros handle it? Rock the Bike has been building Pedal Power gear and wiring up bike music systems since 2003.

The Pedal Power Utility Box has an ultracapacitor that stabilizes the spiky DC power coming from bicycle generators and makes it useable and stable power for lighting, music, projectors, and other devices to run dependably for hours at your events. Plug in anything short of a hair dryer or electric kettle into its standard 110V or 220V AC outlets. The integrated Pure Sine wave inverter provides up to 1000W of continuous AC power. Higher total power levels are possible when you use our Modified JBL PRX loudspeakers, or use the DC output ports, as these bypass the AC inverter.

Pedal Power Utility Box black side

Continuous pedaling is needed to keep devices on. There is no battery, only an ultracapacitor lasting a few minutes.

Utility Box Setup RollUp bl

Pedal Power Utility Box and Pedalometer
Above: The Pedal Powered Utility Box can include an output for a 4′ tall Pedalometer, which is visible to more pedalers and to your audience. The Pedal Powered Utility Box shown above also features a Wattage Display, which is now available as an upgrade.

Utility Box and Pedalometer bl


— 5 pedal power inputs for use with our pedal power generator, the Electric Fender Blender Pro. Expandable to 10 people by using a junction box

— 2 DC outputs for external devices such as our LED Stage Lighting Panels

— Over-voltage protection

— Ultracapacitor provides a 2 – 5 minute buffer of power (depending on consumption levels).

— 1000-watt Pure Sine Wave inverter with two outlets. Use a power strip to run more devices at once.

— Latched lid protects system during transport, retention strap, heavy duty handle

— Well labeled inputs and outputs

— Major components visible through clear polycarbonate panel, good for education purposes

— 4-Line LED output, or upgrade to a wattage display (+$600)

— Durable Neutrik twist-lock connectors — the gold standard in the event audio world. Yanked cables don’t disconnect.pedal-power-utility-box-closed-black

See our Video Demonstration of the Pedal Power Utility Box

Status: built to order, please allow 3 weeks for the build. Event deadline? We can do rush delivery with extra charge.
Rentable: no
Prices:  $1,975 (1000w)
+$600 wattage display on any PPUB
[The 600W Utility Box has been discontinued]
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