Your Name in Lights!

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Your Name in Lights!


LightBox in use at the 2018 New York State Fair. We calibrated it to be a fun challenge and attraction for kids. 3 kids working together can do it.

Fun, challenge and teamwork in action are the main benefits of our newest Pedal Powered Activity, the LightBox, an 8 x 8 Pedal Powered custom illuminated light sign that could be a hit for your org or company.

Having a multi-person activity like the Light Box leads to genuine teamwork moments at your events. We’ve seen this so many times in our concerts that it got us excited to create a team light challenge. It’s visible from hundreds of feet, making it an attraction. As people get closer they’ll see the bikes and get excited to take a turn. Coaching it is easy. Just help the riders on and use your hands, voice or a PEDAL! sign to start each challenge. You’ll see people high fiving as they bring your name to light.

Each logo requires its own individual creative approach to get the most from the available pedal power. For the NY State Fair we divided the classic I heart NY logo into its four letters/symbols, then wired each to one of the outputs of a sLEDgehammer circuit. When people pedal, more of the symbols turn on until they all enter a ‘party mode’ for a few moments. Then the game resets for the next group.
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Generator Pro

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GenPro green-min

When you do events with Pedal Power, especially with groups of pedalers, it’s good to have a simple, comfortable bike that looks inviting and leaves no option but to get on and pedal. The Generator Pro is that bike. It has no gears, no brakes — only the seat to adjust. The handlebars don’t even turn. Nothing rubs the tire, nothing gets hot, and no parts wear out when people pedal for hours on end at events.

What it does have is a large and effective brushless generator wheel. The size of it creates a flywheel effect that smooths out people’s pedal strokes. The magnets and coils inside the hub never touch each other. The power comes through a cable at the center of the wheel. The hub is rated for more power than even the strongest Tour de France riders can summon.

The frame of the bike has a very wide size range. You’ll see 7-year-olds high-fiving adults as they pedal alongside each other. All you have to do is make sure the seat is adjusted for each rider. The ease, comfort, and fun of people pedaling in groups are what this bike was designed for.

18 matching rainbow colored Generator Pros.

Above: 18 Generator Pros in use at our Pedal Powered Stage at PedalFest in Oakland’s Jack London Square, an event benefiting our local bike advocacy org Bike East Bay. Please note: Wheelcovers are not a standard feature but are available as an option with your purchase.

This generator is for customers who want the best, like the way it looks in a group, and desire the benefits of its simplicity. The lack of unnecessary features in this high-performance generator allows your staff to direct their attention to other things at your events, like people!

Watch this video and see all the different ways the Generator Pro was used at PoliticalFest2016 at the Democratic National Convention.


Key features:

-Compatible with any Rock The Bike electrical activity, such as the Recharge Station, the sLEDgehammer, the Utility Box.

-Consistent performance thanks to its large flywheel-grade generator hub.

-Cruise-y looking and comfy. Looks great as a group at events.

-Powerful gear ratio. Those who want to crank won’t be disappointed.

-Uses the same frame as our Fender Blender Pro — with the same wide size range.  You can add that activity later.

-Can be branded — see our examples.

-User manual.

Tech Specs:

-The Generator Pro is not a complete activity by itself. You must match it to one of Rock The Bike’s compatible Electrical Activities, which each have their own level of difficulty. For example, if you want usable AC power, you’ll want to match up the Generator Pro to the Pedal Power Utility Box. If you pedal the Gen Pro on its own with no matching circuit, it will have no resistance and the wheel will just spin faster and faster.

-Voltage output is nominally 24, but will be pegged to the load you connect. It will work best with 24V systems (all of Rock The Bike’s systems are 24V systems).

-A 20′ Rectifier Cable is included, terminating in a Neutrik NL-2 connector. Without the Rectifier Cable you won’t have usable DC power but 3-phase AC power. If you want a different connector or bare wires at the end of your Rectifier Cable, please let us know at the time of your order and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. A common alternative to the Neutrik NL-2 in the Pedal Power world is the Anderson Powerpole connector, which we can easily substitute upon request.

We’ve made a handy-dandy guide to help you navigate our electrical activities.

Check it out!


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Roll Up Generator Stand

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Roll up bike w light logo

The Roll Up offers similar performance to our Generator Wheels, but weighs and costs less, and doesn’t require you to change out your rear wheel. It uses the same power generating elements found in our Generator Wheels but in an external roller, not inside the hub. It boasts a very large roller with a gritty composite surface that simulates riding on the road better than small rollers found in competing products, which waste energy as heat and cause more tire wear. The large contact patch formed between the 6” roller and your tire means less force is required (roller pressure). You won’t see any deformation of the tire. More of your good clean Pedal Power goes into the device you’re powering. Plus, the large roller functions as a flywheel to  smooth out your pedal stroke and make pedal power feel pleasant. And it’s quiet!

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Pedal Powered Stage Lighting: LED Panels

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Illuminate their imaginations.

What is a concert without stage lighting? With our new LED panels you can run lights directly off Pedal Power with no circuitry. Allow your audience to control the feel of the show by controlling the lights. The harder they pedal, the brighter the lights will be. Get kids excited to see their power work!

Our 12volt LED panels are made of over 1,000 LEDs. They can also be wired together to make 24volt lights! The panels are flat, which makes for a wide viewing angle of light, as well as being easy to store. They are mounted on a polycarbonate sheet, and covered with a bar-top finish to protect from damage. These lights are designed to easily carry on your bike for the ultimate Pedal Powered event.

These lights work well with hub generator rigs, like the Electric Fender Blender Pro and Mundo 500. You can also hook them up into a drop-in generator, which is compatible with all our Fender Blender models. They run off a battery, and can also be a great way to drain your pedal power system after an event. Or, use them while you’re packing up to keep some light on the gear!

Cost: $450/panel

Colors: Red, Blue or Green (Red & Blue make a great combo!)

Weight: 2-3 lbs

Made to order, 2 week turn around on orders.
Have an event deadline? Please tell us when placing your order!

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Electric Fender Blender Pro

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Electric FBPro

Our quietest, simplest, most powerful and compact human power generator.

bicycle power

It’s the most effective Pedal Power generator we know of. It has all the features of the Generator Pro, plus you can blend smoothies. We use it as one of the key pieces of gear in our Pedal Powered Stage at events such as the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival.


The Electric FB Pro combines a Fender Blender Pro with a brushless Generator wheel . The generator wheel offers a flywheel effect that helps smooth out the peaks and valleys of Pedal Power, making Pedal Power feel fun and comfortable. And because there’s nothing rubbing on the tire, there’s no loss of power to friction. The conversion of mechanical energy (i.e. muscle power / burrito power) to electrical potential happens in the center of the wheel. With a committed pedaler, even one of these bikes is capable of powering a music system at very impressive listening levels. One person pedaling can get 50-100 people dancing to high energy DJ music when the Electric FB Pro is paired with efficient loudspeakers.

bike machine

The Electric Fender Blender Pro generates DC power. Many devices you’ll want to use require AC Power. Please see the video below to learn how this generator works in tandem with our Pedal Power Utility Box:

If you’re wondering about whether you can use Pedal Power for a particular device or appliance, start by checking the wattage rating on the label near its cord or in the product manual. A single pedaler on the Electric Fender Blender Pro is capable of producing up to 600 watts of DC power at peak moments. This wattage, of course, is dependent upon how strong your pedaler is! Most adults can produce 50-75 watts when pedaling at a social / around town / cruising pace. The Electric Fender Blender Pro can be use with other generators as part of a team effort. Our Pedal Power Utility Box accepts power from 5-10 bikes.

The Fender Blender Pro frame fits a wide variety of riders, down to a 7 year old kid.

It’s a great Bike Blender, the best in fact. You can use it in either Bike Blending or electricity generating mode. You switch between these modes by rotating the blender’s roller away from the tire. This happens without tools.


The Electric Fender Blender Pro is not a functioning transportation bicycle, but can be easily towed behind another bike with the above trailer wheels.

Available in Green, Orange, Blue, Red or in your custom color. Please read more about custom frame colors and branding options.

We also offer the High Performance upgrade on the Electric FB Pro for 2x the volume and 2x the blade size.

Price: $2,125
Rentable: Yes, with Pedal Power Stage

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